Top ten Ways To Get Omega-3 in Your Day

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Omega-3 Nutrition

(NC) - Making healthy choices just got easier thanks to new omega-3 products in the dairy case - milk, yogourt, margarine and cheese. To enjoy the health benefits of this essential nutrient, just make a switch from the regular dairy products you already enjoy at breakfast, lunch or snack time to delicious omega-3 enriched dairy products.

  • Make the switch to omega-3 milk in your cereal

  • Snack on omega-3 yogourt when hungry on the go

  • Pack a lunch with slices of omega-3 cheese and crackers

  • Blend together omega-3 yogourt, omega-3 milk and frozen fruit for a delicious smoothie

  • Heat up movie night by topping popcorn with omega-3 margarine

  • Turn up the grill for grilled cheese sandwiches - a tasty combination of omega-3 cheese and margarine


  • Enjoy cookies with omega-3 milk for an after school snack

  • Add omega-3 cheese to family favourite mac and cheese

  • Top pancakes or French toast with omega-3 margarine

  • Stir in chocolate syrup to a cool glass of omega-3 milk for a thirst quenching treat

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