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For Shoppers, Nutrition Has Role In Treating Illness

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HealthFocus International is launching U.S.A. HealthFocus Trend Study. This ongoing study of over 2000 shoppers provides comprehensive and critical insights on the consumer' quest for health and wellness. The global study that was just completed shows some interesting possibilities for the role of diet and nutrition in maintaining total wellness.

Because of the fast pace of change in market factors affecting consumer decisions, HealthFocus International has enhanced several sections for the 2008 HealthFocus USA Trend Survey, including new insights into:

-- Parents influence on children's health -- The New HealthFocus Proprietary Gatekeeper Segmentation

-- Emerging Health Patterns in home cooking and health and Eating Away from Home attitudes.

-- The growing market for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

-- The expanding Attitudes and Behaviors on Sustainability

-- Latest Benefits sought from Health Products

-- The growing connection & acceptance between Food and Medicine

In addition, the study will cover the current evolution of existing trends like:

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-- Weight management

-- Organics

-- Shopper health issues like tiredness and stress

-- Shopper concerns like heart health and eye health

-- Shopper needs like energy and immunity

-- Shopper lifestyle behaviors around diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol intake

-- Shopper label needs

-- Shopper health concerns for kids

-- Ingredients and foods shoppers are trying to get more of

-- And much more!