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Natural Nutrition To Launch iNutrition.com

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Natural Nutrition will launch its new health and nutritional information portal, iNutrition.com, in April 2008. iNutrition.com will provide the latest information to consumers relating to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and longevity.

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"The company's goal is to provide iNutrition.com as a trusted healthcare and information resource for our members. We believe that our demographic will be those individuals dedicated to the health and well being of their family, friends, and of course themselves," said Natural Nutrition CEO Tim Connolly.

Mr. Connolly added, "iNutrition.com members will have the opportunity to not only review the latest nutritional research, but to also post their own research, nutritional tips, and product ideas on the website. If iNutrition.com adopts a product idea or article from an iNutrition member, they will receive both attribution and credits to buy our products. Our goal is to become the Wikipedia of nutrition at iNutrition.com and the mission of iNutrition.com is to provide the very latest nutritional secrets for a long, healthy life."