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PlumpyNut New Nutrition

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They should make it with Xylitol, a 5 carbon sugar alcohol that kills germs. Proven to reduce cavities and used by pediatricians for infants with ear infections. What else it cures they don't know. Xylitol is mostly made by China from corn cobs. The addition of Xylitol would enable the addition of water. (This causes it to become very thick but then thins out at about the 50% point, as in Tahini salid dressing.) Water is needed by the body to digest and operate things, and if Plumpy Nut came with its own safe water, that would be a help. There is also the consideration that a thin pourable liquid is easier for small ones to consume. Adults could use it as a peanut dressing for greens. I have been unable to find the recipie for Plumpy Nut. Does anyone know it? Vaniah H. Baldwin, Ph.D. (Chemistry Teacher) [email protected]
Xylitol? You want people to have diarrhea?