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Nutrition And Beauty Delivered Directly To Your Door

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Everyone knows that balanced nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin and proper body functioning.

Having supplemental essentials delivered directly to your doorstep from a trusted brand couldn't be more convenient. DHC USA Inc., a distinguished provider of high-quality skincare products, makeup, and fine foods, is proud to announce the addition of three nutritional supplements to its family of lifestyle products: Vitamin C Hard Capsules, Vitamin E, and Echinacea. Each product is sold separately.

"DHC introduced the supplements to complement its commitment to lifestyle products that promote whole health," explains Hadrian Miguel, licensed esthetician at DHC USA's headquarters in San Francisco, California. "Now, feeling great and looking great is completely and conveniently within your reach. Antioxidant-rich, free radical-fighting vitamins C and E as well as healthy immune-supporting echinacea can help balance your overall wellness choices, for beauty from the inside out."

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Basic essentials

Both vitamins C and E help fight free radicals, and vitamin C is also essential for collagen production to help maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones, and joints. Echinacea is an herb originally used by Native Americans and is still believed by many to help promote a healthy immune function.


As with all vitamin and mineral supplements, consult your physician before starting any new supplement regime, especially if you are taking other medications or have known allergies to any of the products' ingredients. Please note that DHC supplements should be taken with a full glass of water, as follows: Vitamin C Hard Capsule -- take two capsules daily; Vitamin E -- take one capsule daily; Echinacea -- take three capsules daily.