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Pasta Offerings Under 'Whole Grain' Banner

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To help consumers identify better-for-you pasta products that truly offer real whole grain nutrition, American Italian Pasta Company has reintroduced its Mueller's, Heartland and Golden Grain multi grain pasta lines under a whole grain banner.

As a delicious, fiber rich blend of three whole grains, Mueller's, Heartland and Golden Grain Whole Grain Pastas fulfill 100% of the USDA's daily recommendation for whole grain consumption. Available in penne, rotini and spaghetti shapes, the whole grain pasta was specifically developed to appeal to both children and adults, offering a more subtle flavor than traditional whole wheat pastas.

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"While the benefit of including more whole grains into our diets is undisputable, consumers have been bombarded with 'health' oriented offerings - creating the potential for some to believe that all better-for-you pastas include whole grains, which is not the case," said Drew Lericos, Vice President of Marketing at AIPC. "The bottom line is: not all better-for-you pastas are created equal. Mueller's, Heartland and Golden Grain Whole Grain Pastas provide 48 grams of whole grains in just one 2 ounce serving, providing the exact amount that the USDA recommends consumers eat each day. At the same time, our brands place a premium on great taste and texture - creating the foundation for a healthy, delicious, versatile and economical meal the whole family will enjoy."

Creative and easy recipes, including Baked Spaghetti Supper, Confetti Penne Pasta and Spinach Rotini Salad, are featured on each box. The pasta is an excellent source of fiber with five grams per serving and contains no cholesterol and no trans fat.

The American Heart Association heart-check mark is displayed on the boxes of all three brands, as diets rich in whole grain foods that are low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease.