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Trans Fats Scare Hides Real Problem

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Trans fats and risk of saturated fat

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) warns that focusing solely on reducing trans fats could actually increase the amount of dangerous saturated fats in the Australian food supply. DAA supports further reducing trans fats in Australian foods, but stresses this must not come with an increase in saturated fat which would have devastating consequences on the health of Australians.

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Claire Hewat, Executive Director of The Dietitians Association of Australia, said 'The alarm surrounding trans fats is out of proportion to the risk in Australia, where intakes are low on a world scale. It is clear that the total amount of saturated fat is the major issue and it is important that we do not get an increase in saturated fat in a rush to get rid of trans fats.

Australians obtain only 0.61 per cent of their daily kilojoules from trans fats