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The Greatest Health Secret of all Time

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Whiter than cocaine and deadlier than any illicit drug, sugar is the silent killer sitting in your kitchen.\n


Breakthrough drugs, cutting-edge supplements, and fad diets are
evolving daily. Despite all of the "medical advancements,"
Americans are getting sicker and packing on the pounds. It is
estimated that the health of American citizens ranks 12th among the
13 most industrialized countries. The good news is that there is
one very inexpensive secret that can help anyone, young or old, lose
fat while building muscle and preventing heart disease, high blood
pressure, type II diabetes and even cancer. This one secret alone
dispenses with having to count calories or prepare complicated meal

While this secret may appear obvious at first, its true nature and
its benefits are rarely, if at all, spoken about by world-renowned
health practitioners and authors. Conservatively speaking, if this
secret is applied and becomes habit, it can make you look and feel
10 years younger without ever touching another prescription drug.
What is the secret? The secret is quitting sugar. Whiter than
cocaine and deadlier than any illicit drug, sugar is the silent
killer sitting in your kitchen.

Care to debate this fact? The use of sugar, known as sucrose, is
the main culprit in obesity. Today, approximately 800 people will
die from obesity. Cancer cells love sugar like your wife loves
chocolate. When given sugar, cancer grows like a wild fire on a
windy day. Today, 1500 people will die from cancer. Currently, 16
million Americans have type II diabetes and it is estimated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that this rate is
growing. The culprit? Take a guess, sugar!

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So, the next time you reach for the low carb/high sugar health bar
with an Atkins label on it, think twice. Moreover, if you're
drinking fruit juice (contains fructose, a component of sugar) with
your meals on a regular basis, be ready to accept the consequences.
And lastly, when your two year old begs for that ice cream cone or
Coca-Cola, consider that sugar has been implicated in at least 124
negative health consequences, as reported by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.,
Author of the book "Lick The Sugar Habit". So stop focusing 100% of
your attention on the carbohydrate and fat content listed on your
food's label and look for grams of sugar.

Of course, if you are going to quit something, it must be replaced
with a healthy alternative. Unfortunately, this alternative is NOT
aspartame, sucralose or neotame, which are often touted as sugar
alternatives. The alternative is the stevia plant. Stevia extract
effectively replaces sugar by offering a great sweet taste without
eliciting ANY negative side effects! In summary, if it tastes sweet
to the tongue, and it's not sweetened with stevia, spit it out and
you could very likely look and feel 10 years younger without
spending a dime.



Shane Ellison, M.Sc.


does quitting All sugar drop your blood sugar to an unsafe level? i dont like stevia but im preparing to quit sugars all together, excluding fruit and some fruit juice sodas (which only contain sparkling water and fruit juice no added sugars of any kind). im also quitting most breads. i love vegitables and chicken n turkey. i also dont eat red meat. i do eat grains and yougurt. will this be a healthy diet?