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First Red Wine Antioxidant Supplement, Resvinatrol Complete, Now Available

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Red Wine Antioxidant Supplements

NFI's resvinatrol complete contains the powerful red wine antioxidant, resveratrol, called 'The Fountain of Youth' in a formula that includes several other important antioxidants.

NFI Consumer Products, an innovative consumer products company that researches, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes health, nutrition and beauty supplements, today announced that its Resvinatrol Complete antioxidant supplement is the first complete antioxidant "red wine alternative" to come to market, and is now available across the United States. Resvinatrol Complete is the first supplement on the market to harness the anti-aging, heart-healthy benefits of the powerful antioxidant resveratrol, found in red wines.

Resveratrol, just one of the powerful antioxidants in Resvinatrol Complete, is being heralded by scientists and researchers as an anti-aging miracle drug that can help ward off the effects of age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer's.

"Resvinatrol Complete provides today's health-conscious consumers with an exciting combination of powerful antioxidants found in red wine, chocolate, pomegranates, red raspberries, and soy," said Richard Guy, Chairman and Founder, NFI Consumer Products. "Resvinatrol Complete's combination of antioxidants is unmatched by any other antioxidant product on the market today."

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Resveratrol is being researched extensively by the medical community and some scientists have called the compound, "The Fountain of Youth." Resveratrol is thought to be responsible for the "French Paradox," the reason that the French suffer such a low incidence of heart disease despite consuming a diet rich in saturated fats. In a landmark study published in November 2006 in the scientific journal Nature, investigators at Harvard and the National Institute on Aging, demonstrated that resveratrol increased the lifespan of obese mice and reversed nearly all of the negative effects associated with a high-calorie diet, including diabetes, heart disease and other significant diseases related to obesity.

In addition to resveratrol, Resvinatrol Complete contains quercetin, a compound found in onions and many medicinal plants, that extends the benefits of resveratrol beyond the 30-minutes it typically stays in the body; ellagic acid, an important antioxidant typically found in pomegranates and raspberries, and shown to inhibit the growth of tumors; proanthocyanidin, an antioxidant found in grape seed, chocolate and several plants; and, soy lecithin, a product shown to reduce the amount of pure cholesterol in the bloodstream.

"We have something of a crisis in America," said Mark Holman, NFI's V.P. of Marketing.

"The average person needs about 5,500 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units per day to stay healthy, and yet most people in the United States do not get enough antioxidants in their diet -- they eat food with less than half the daily requirement," Holman said. "That's why we formulated each serving of Resvinatrol Complete to contain 100mg of resveratrol and other important antioxidants, equaling 6,000 ORAC units -- to provide the daily requirement of antioxidants while at the same time assuring those compounds provide extended benefits."

Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative damage (damage due to oxygen) such as that caused by free radicals, highly reactive chemicals that attack cellular components such as the cell membrane or even the DNA inside human cells. Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene (which is converted to Vitamin A) are well-known antioxidants that are capable of countering the damaging effects of free radicals. For this reason, consuming fruit, berries or antioxidant supplements such as Resvinatrol Complete with high ORAC values allows the antioxidants in those foods to absorb free radicals not eliminated by the immune system.

Holman continued to explain that the body's natural free radical defense system decreases as we age. By age 40, the body's defense system decreases by 50 percent. Free radical damage manifests in the form of aches, pains, loss of energy, arthritis, stroke, hardening of the arteries and other ailments associated with aging. Research has shown that the ingredients in antioxidant supplements, such as Resvinatrol Complete, may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and many of the diseases associated with aging.