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Targeted Nutrition

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Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is an alternative which incorporates traditional medicine with all the healing arts, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. Its cornerstone is nutritional medicine. Nutritional medicine is derived from thousands of double-blind controlled laboratory studies recorded in the medical literature. It is a part of scientific medicine, based on a knowledge of biochemistry and physiology, yet it is rejected by scientific medicine. Why does conventional medicine reject this scientific branch of medicine called nutritional medicine? Simply because it doesn't do what the medical organization wants it to do, namely make a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industry! I have a group of patients who have just come out of the hospital with serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, asthmatic attacks, multiple sclerosis, strokes, hypertension and diabetes. These are patients who normally take from two to eight prescription drugs a day, and yet I have