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Food Nutrition

How to Avoid Sugar in Yogurt: Not All Yogurt Is Created Equal

Yogurt parfaits

Not all yogurt is created equal. According to this new study by Herbalife, the powdered GanedenBC30 probiotic had a higher survival rate than 24 out of 25 commercial yogurt brands under specific conditions. Yogurt sales are taking a hit, and General Mills is launching a Yoplait option with less sugar in hopes of reviving the struggling yogurt market. In this article, you can learn how to start avoiding sugar in yogurt and still enjoy your favorite creamy breakfast!

What Everyone Ought to Know About Improving Brain Health

Brain power

Guess what organ suffers the most from a poor diet and even poorer nutrition? Your brain is crying out for help, but the good news is that you can improve your brain health! According to a recent study by Herbalife, the FDA’s new nutrition labeling regulations resulted in updated daily values (DVs) which were found to score statistically lower on the Nutrition Rich Food index. Read on to find out how to improve brain health by harnessing the power of nutrition!

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Eases Anxiety and Depression

depression diet anxiety

Americans have become so disillusioned about what's healthful that they aren't clearly seeing how their diet can contribute to their well being and mental health. More than ever before, people have been seeking out medical ways to ease their stress and anxiety because they are finding that eating more of certain foods is too simple a remedy --- until now.

10 Health Benefits of Royal Jelly and Why It May Be A Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is not the magic pill cure-all of the natural world, but the incredible health benefits do give it an almost miraculous reputation considering that scientific studies testify to its potential to positively treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms including that of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Why Monk Fruit May Be the Secret to Enjoying A Guilt-Free Holiday Season

Monk Fruit Guilt-Free Holiday Baking

Many folks have resigned themselves to a sugar-free Christmas for various reasons whether it is due to being diabetic, having candida, or just being hypoglycemic in general. However, the good news is that sugar doesn’t have to be the grinch that stole Christmas. Monk fruit may be the healthy solution you’ve been looking for to save your sweet tooth and avoid the guilt!

How to Give the Gift of Prevention This Holiday Season

holiday cookie cutter

December is a month flooded with parties, gift-giving, and holiday cheer in abundance. The festivities are accompanied by much eating, drinking and being merry, but there is one factor they all share: sugar. I am going to share some tips on how to avoid the overconsumption of sugar and give the gift of prevention to your loved ones this holiday season! 

Egg Yolk Cigarette Study Vindicates Vegans

vegan health egg yolk cigarette study

Research highlighted in the vegan-friendly movie “What The Health” uncovered the inconvenient truth from an egg yolk cigarette study that eating eggs are just as unhealthy as smoking. While this has caused an uproar for the egg industry, the research showed that eating eggs results in arterial plaque that increases linearly with age and arterial plaque increases exponentially with smoking. Therefore, probably egg yolks should be avoided by persons at risk of vascular disease.

5 grains that are safe for celiac disease sufferers and offer many health benefits

5 grains that are safe for celiac disease sufferers

Celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. According to the University of Chicago medicine 3 million people in the US are living with celiac disease. People with celiac disease may experience belching, diarrhoea, fat in stool, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, or flatulence. Knowing what you can eat can be quite challenging, so the list below will help you to find out more about the 5 grains that are safe for celiac disease sufferers and offer many health benefits.

3 Vegan Foods That Boost Concentration When Taking An Exam

Fruit Vegan Diet, Test Exam Study

Preparing for an exam includes more than just hitting the books and the coffee bar, it involves preparing yourself mentally and nutritionally. Knowing the best foods to eat while studying, as well as understanding what foods sustain your brain power during an exam, can be the difference between earning a "C" or an "A".

Vegan Foods That Ease Ulcerative Colitis Better Than Humira

Ulcerative Colitis Flare Up Natural Remedies Vegan

There is nothing worse than a flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis to stop you in your tracks. Instead of suppressing your immune system, reboot it by eliminating inflammatory foods. Although there are many natural remedies for ulcerative colitis flare ups, you'll want to focus on eating soothing vegan foods to ease flare-ups fast!

Jackfruit could save the world from hunger and here is why

Jackfruit could save the world from hunger and here is why

Jackfruit could save the world from hunger because of its sheer size and nutritional value, both of which have been reported about through out the years. It is a well known and popular fruit used in Asia, but is yet to conquer the hearts of westerners. So, if you want know more about Jackfruit, its nutritional contents and why Jackfruit could save the world from hunger, read on.