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Your 2018 Weight Loss Guide Step 7: How to Not Hate Veggies

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Even carnivores can learn to like veggies

If there’s one single sensible factor that plays into almost every diet it’s the advice that you should increase your vegetable servings. But what if you hate veggies?! Many of us do. Here’s some Dr. Oz advice on rebooting your veggie skills that will erase your veggie hate (and those extra pounds) with a simple trick that even a carnivore will fall for.


If you are like most Americans, you definitely tip the scales of being more of a carnivore than an omnivore. And it may not be your fault. Eating habits like many other habits were learned at home during our formative years.

Think back to meals at home when you were a kid—how many veggie dishes were placed on the table at each meal? Did your family consider potatoes and corn counting nutritionally as vegetables? Do your ears still ring from “Eat your vegetables, right now!” making the dinner table a child versus parent battleground? Or, did you have vegetables served, but in the most uninspiring cooking fashion possible? “More, soggy broccoli--anyone??”

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The good news is that it is possible to actually enjoy vegetables rather than hate them with the following Dr. Oz The Good Life advice on how to teach your vegetables some delicious new tricks.

Veggie Trick #1: Butternut Squash—Use it as a topping on your next pizza by first roasting thin strips or slices of butternut squash and adding it right beside the red onion, and maybe some bell pepper as well, on top of the cheese before baking the pizza.

Veggie Trick #2: Edamame—If you or your family just have to have the cheesy tastiness of mac and cheese, why not cook some frozen edamame at the same time with the noodles and mix it all together before serving? No one will notice the difference.

Veggie Trick #3: Bok Choy—While most of us automatically think of stir frying this veggie in a wok with a little soy sauce added, the problem is that it comes out too…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah—“yucky” for many non-Asian palates. Skip the stir fry and just chop the greens and stems and add it to your other salad greens.

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Veggie Trick #4: Asparagus—Here’s another way to liven-up a salad with a non-typical veggie addition of asparagus. Peel the long spears into ribbons using an ordinary vegetable peeler, then toss with lemon juice, olive oil and a dusting of Parmesan or your favorite aged cheese before adding the mix among the other greens in a chilled salad.

Veggie Trick #5: Spinach—A staple of salads, spinach can also be sneaked into your meal as a healthy dip. Blend one cup of baby spinach in a food processor with 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt, add some chopped scallions, salt and the juice from half a lime. Use this as a dip for carrot and broccoli sticks, blanched green beans, radishes, etc.

Veggie Trick #6: Carrots—One of Dr. Oz’s most creative veggie sneaks is to roast carrots in a glaze of chipotle adobo sauce with small amounts of olive oil, cider vinegar, cumin, honey and minced garlic added at a temp of 425 degrees F until the carrots are fork tender. Place the carrots in hotdog buns, add mustard, and now you have a veggie hot dog.

And finally…

Although you may not really learn to love veggies like a stalk hugging vegan, the point here--as is in all of the previous steps of Your 2018 Weight Loss Guide--is that making small lifestyle changes can make dieting easier, healthier and more sustainable than many diet plans such as those recommended by the 2018 U.S. News & World Report Diet Rankings.

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If you have a favorite trick for getting more veggies into your family’s meals, leave us a description on what works for you in the comments section below.

Reference: Dr. Oz The Good Life “Reboot Your Veggie Skills” special edition 2018

Image Source: Pixabay