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U.S. News & World Report Reveals Best Fast Weight Loss Diet

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U.S. News & World Report Diet Rankings

Looking to lose weight and in a hurry? Here’s the latest ranking from U.S. News & World Report that reveals the best fast weight loss diet among other highly rated slower choices for 2018. And guess what? A popular contender rated last!


The highly anticipated annual New Year weight loss rankings are out from respected news source U.S. News & World Report – “a digital news and information company that empowers people to make better, more informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives.”

Every January, U.S. News & World Report releases their research-based rankings on what health experts specializing in diabetes, heart health and weight loss determine are the best diets for consumers to adopt toward achieving their weight loss goals.

Because there is no such thing as the one perfect diet for everyone, the diets are sub-ranked under nine different categories to help consumers choose a diet plan that better suits their tastes and lifestyle.

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"Whether you're trying to lose weight or manage a chronic disease like diabetes, the 2018 Best Diets rankings are designed to help consumers identify the right diet for their specific needs," said Angela Haupt, Assistant Managing Editor of Health at U.S. News. "By profiling and providing in-depth data on 40 diets, consumers can rely on U.S. News for the tools they need to feel empowered to make well-informed, personalized choices in order to maintain overall healthier lifestyles."

"There is an established theme of what is considered healthy eating, but no single diet is the best for all of us," said expert panelist Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. "The U.S. News Best Diets rankings reliably address the expertise from diverse nutrition professionals in evaluating diets. Ultimately, a 'best' diet is one that can be adopted, managed and sustained over time."

U.S. News 2018 Best Diets Rankings—The Short List

Best Diets Overall
1. DASH Diet (tie)
1. Mediterranean Diet (tie)
3. Flexitarian Diet

Best Commercial Diets
1. Weight Watchers
2. Jenny Craig
3. Flat Belly Diet (tie)
3. Nutritarian Diet (tie)

Best Weight-Loss Diets
1. Weight Watchers
2. Volumetrics
3. Jenny Craig (tie)
3. Vegan Diet (tie)

Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets
1. HMR Diet (tie)
1. Weight Watchers (tie)
3. Biggest Loser Diet (tie)
3. Medifast (tie)
3. SlimFast (tie)
3. Volumetrics (tie)

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Best Diets for Healthy Eating
1. DASH Diet (tie)
1. Mediterranean diet (tie)
3. Flexitarian Diet (tie)
3. TLC Diet (tie)

Easiest Diets to Follow
1. Mediterranean Diet
2. Flexitarian Diet (tie)
2. Weight Watchers (tie)

Best Diets for Diabetes
1. Mediterranean
2. DASH Diet
3. Flexitarian Diet (tie)
3. Mayo Clinic Diet (tie)
3. Vegan Diet (tie)
3. Volumetrics (tie)
3. Weight Watchers (tie)

Best Heart-Healthy Diets
1. DASH diet
2. Mediterranean Diet (tie)
2. Ornish Diet (tie)

Best Plant-Based Diets
1. Mediterranean Diet
2. Flexitarian Diet
3. Ornish Diet

The Biggest Loser in The Ratings

So, what popular diet contender was deemed to be among the lowest rated diets by U.S. News & World Report? It was none other than the Keto Diet, which in spite of success stories among advocates for “Going Keto” for weight loss, health experts were generally turned off by the Keto diet because it is considered too extreme and potentially harmful—especially for cardiac patients who would be consuming a diet high in fat.

And finally…

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Reference: U.S. News & World ReportU.S. News & World Report Reveals Best Diets Rankings for 2018

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