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Kickstarter Coffee Products for Nature Lovers Who Want Their Coffee Outdoors

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Fresh ground coffee for backpacking is now possible.

Do you want to become a part of something that can help nature and allow you to extend your love of coffee by experiencing it in the great outdoors? Here are two Kickstarter projects for coffee-drinking nature lovers that accomplishes both in cool ways.


Coffee Outdoors

When I first started getting serious about my coffee, I would go to almost any lengths to ensure that I could get my caffeine fix no matter where I woke up in the morning—especially when camping.

At first, I resorted to what I believe is a now-discontinued product of a canned coffee that had a built-in heating unit that I could activate by crushing a chemical pack that powered its self-heating abilities. The coffee was so-so, but I liked the fact that it was easy to use, backpackable, and doubled as a hand warmer for cold mornings camping.

Later, I graduated to a tiny backpacking French Press that had an attachment allowing me to connect the brewing device directly inside a large mug of hot water that was preheated over a portable camping stove.

But, my greatest achievement brewing coffee outdoors was with an actual campfire espresso maker that I could balance on top of a portable Pocket Rocket camping burner that brewed a very passable cappuccino.

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The only complaint I had, however, was that I typically had to pre-grind my beans at home and store the grind as best as I could for a week of camping. In other words, my coffee taste experience was limited in the great outdoors while backpacking because back-in-the-day there was no room for a full-sized hand cranked coffee grinder in my backpack, nor a lightweight grinder option at the time.

Fortunately, times have changed and now there are backpackable coffee grinders. One notable example is a Kickstarter project for the VSSL JAVA backpacker coffee grinder.

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VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

Advertised as designed for seriously caffeinated aficionados who no longer want to continue to settle for mediocrity, and desire the perfect cup of coffee when it comes to their outdoor coffee experience straight out of their tent at dawn, the VSSL JAVA is an unbreakable, packable, premium coffee hand grinder intentionally designed for outdoor use.

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Features of the grinder include:

• A durable clip-and-flip carabiner grind handle to attach to your backpack.
• A dial-in your preferred brew grind with 30 settings to choose from.
• A professional grade stainless steel burr grinding system.
• Quick release top.
• Packable design.
• Aircraft grade aluminum body that looks cool.
• A lifetime warranty.

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Participation in the Kickstarter starts at approximately $99 with a pledge reward of a VSSL JAVA hand grinder, which has a potential retail price of $145 for an expected beginning sale date of February 2021.

For more details, check out their Kickstarter product webpage.

A Coffee Cup Made Out Of Coffee Cups

The second nature and outdoors related Kickstarter project is a coffee cup made out of coffee cups project called the “Circular Travel Mug”—the world’s first reusable mug made from recycled paper cups.

Based on a circular bio-ethos, the Circular Travel Mug is made from recycled paper coffee cups otherwise destined for the landfill. Six paper cups are recycled to make one Circular Travel Mug that is estimated to last 10 years. After which, it is 100% totally recyclable for a new life as another useful future product.

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Features include:

• A unique spring-loaded push-and-click top that allows for one-handed opening.
• A 360-degree drinking lip.
• 100% leak-proof design, so it can be stored in your backpack, purse or gym bag.
• Fully insulated to keep drinks warm for 60-90 minutes.
• BPA and melamine-free to promote a healthy lifestyle.
• Tough, durable dishwasher safe design.

You will have to act fast since the Kickstarter reward program ends soon, which gifts a discount of roughly 50% off the future retail price for your choice of mug color and size.

For more on the details about the Circular Travel Mug, check out their Kickstarter product webpage.

Timothy Boyer has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona. For 20+ years he has been employed as a freelance health and science writer. Timothy continues writing about science with a focus on the connection between coffee and healthy living. For continual updates about the benefits of coffee on your health, you can also follow Timothy on Twitter at TimBoyerWrites.

Image Source: Courtesy of Photo by Rory McKeever on Unsplash


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