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Keto Flu, Keto Farts, and Other Keto Facts Faced When Losing Weight with Keto

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Info for those considering Keto for weight loss

Here’s what you need to know about Keto Flu, Keto farts and other Keto facts dieters face when losing weight with Keto to know if what you are going through is normal or not.


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However, did you know that there’s such a thing as getting the Keto Flu? Suffering from Keto Farts? And other facts related to Keto dieting that many dieters do not know about? Whether you are considering starting a Keto Diet or have already started and may be experiencing some new and unusual side effects, here’s some helpful advice summarized from YouTube weight loss success “Kayla Does Keto” on “10 Things They Don't Tell You About Starting Keto.”

KETO FACT #1: Getting the Keto flu—the Keto flu is a flu-like malaise that hits some Keto dieters making them “feel like garbage” and wondering if they are coming down with illness.

According to Kayla Does Keto, getting the Keto Flu is normal—and totally preventable. The problem she identifies is that although breaking away from sugar will make you feel blah, it’s ten times worse if you are actually undergoing an electrolyte imbalance as well involving sodium, potassium and magnesium. Her advice is to take mineral supplements or add mineral drops to your drinking water, or even make your own non-sugar Gatorade-like drink to regain that electrolyte needed balance.

KETO FACT #2: Intense sugar cravings—you can expect some pretty intense sugar cravings the first week of a Keto diet that will make you want to consume an entire bag of candy—and you just might. According to Kayla Does Keto, your body is simply reacting to the sudden loss of its normal glycogen supply and so it is telling you that it needs glycogen now as it tries to adjust to this new change to your body.

Her advice is not to cave-in to what your body demands, knowing that this is only temporary and will usually pass after the first week. If the craving is just too great, then try a couple of pieces of sugar-free candy to curb the urge, or make yourself a Keto diet dessert.

KETO FACT #3: Keto farts—you can expect some changes to your bowel movements due to the low carb/ increased fat in your diet. Her advice is to “never, ever trust a keto fart the first two months of the diet.” That increased fat will cause diarrhea and looser stools as your body adjusts to the change in your digestion. The good news is that this too will pass as well over time.

KETO FACT #4: Keto takes time—you are not going to enjoy the perks of a Keto diet right way. Rather, you are going to feel like a big pile of fecal matter the first week. And that’s normal. The good news in that it shows what you are doing is on the right track as your body is going through detox and running out of its glycogen stores. The better news is that this is only temporary and you will soon experience the good part of a Keto diet which is feeling more energized, increased focus, and of course—weight loss.

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KETO FACT #5: Abnormal menstrual cycles—your body is going through a lot of change and women can expect a wide range of changes to their periods—more often, less often, lighter, heavier, etc. “Just know that this is only temporary and not permanent,” says Kayla. One benefit of a Keto diet is that it can help women with polycystic ovary syndrome regain their period and some hormonal balance.

KETO FACT #6: The Keto Diet is not a fad diet—going on the Keto diet is a commitment for long-term weight loss rather that just trying to find a quick way to drop 10 pounds. Yo-Yoing with a Keto diet can mess up your metabolize as your body is constantly trying to make sense of your changing dieting conditions and weight. The best thing to do with Keto is to be consistent with it and treat it as a lifestyle change. Kayla’s advice is if you are not going to make it a lifestyle change, then you are better off not doing it.

KETO FACT #7: You might not lose 20 pounds the first week—with Keto diet in the news, there is often the focus on how some people lose a lot of weight very quickly. The truth is, if you are severely obese or are messed up in some way physiologically, you might lose 20 pounds that first week. However, that’s what Kayla refers to as water weight and is not a sign of true fat burning from Keto. A heavy carb diet will result in a lot of water weight accumulation, and that will go right away as your body begins detoxing off of sugar. Her best advice is that weight loss should be more gradual to be sustainable and therefore healthier for you.

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KETO FACT #8: Keto is not a one-size-fits-all diet—as long you are achieving ketosis, then you are doing Keto right. There are many opinions about what a Keto diet should really be like, but the truth is that if you find a Keto-way to lose weight, then stick with it and don’t worry about the fact that you may not be exactly following the latest Keto book or dogma.

KETO FACT #9: Keto affects you hormonally—depending on the person and their sex, a Keto diet can both increase or decrease a person’s libido. The good news is that most dieters experience increased libido, and that a loss of libido can be addressed through other options other than giving up on the diet.

KETO FACT #10: Keto is not a fad diet—Keto can be traced back to prehistoric times and Keto is actually used today to treat some medical conditions such as seizures, cancer and diabetes.

“There’s so many reasons why someone can be doing Keto other than weight loss and I think it’s important to mindful of that and respectful as well. Not everybody wants to lose weight…don’t shame people for doing what they have to do to live a healthier lifestyle,” says Kayla.

Here’s the YouTube video to listen to in its entirety:

If you have tried the Keto diet and have something to add to the list above, please use the comments section below and let us know what you have found to be true about the Keto diet.

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Image Source: Pixabay