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Keto Carb Helps Women Lose Up To 11 Pounds Per Week

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Glucomannan in noodles aids weight loss.

Carbs are the bane of a ketogenic diet. But did you know that there are some carbs that actually aid weight loss while on a keto diet? Woman’s World reports that when some women added a special Asian root to their diet, that they lost significant weight without changing their eating habits at all.


Konjac Miracle Food

According to a recent online issue of a Woman’s World article penned by Allison Nemetz, dietician and natural health guru Kellyann Petrucci, N.D., advises dieters to try konjac—a root that grows in Asia—which has reputed incredible health and weight-loss benefits.

Also known as “Amorphophallus konjac,” “konjack,” “konjaku,” and “konnyaku” this root from the warm subtropical regions of Asia possesses a water-soluble dietary fiber called “glucomannan” that is well-known for its swelling properties and is often used as a food thickener.

Because of glucomannan’s ability to absorb water and swell many times the normal size of its dried state, it is often used as an appetite suppressant in weight loss products due to that it fills the space within the stomach to give dieters a feeling of fullness and thereby curb hunger cravings.

In fact, on The Dr. Oz Show the use of a particular dietary supplement as part of a detox diet consisting of a combination of Japanese Konjac root and seaweed was stated to not only help turn off hunger hormones, but also slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, which prevents an insulin spike right after a meal.

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However, because of glucomannan’s swelling properties, taking too much konjac can have potential serious consequences of esophageal and intestinal blockage, as well as inhibiting the absorption of nutrients and some medications. Health experts advise people who wish to try to lose weight using glucomannan as a weight loss supplement should see their physician first to ensure that it will not affect their current medication usage.

Glucomannan Weight Loss Side Effect Warnings You Need to Know

In the Woman’s World article, Kellyann Petrucci believes in the power of konjac as an important and effective component as a detox cleanse that not only aids weight loss, but is also beneficial by improving skin, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, and aiding digestion by healing an inflamed gut while actively removing toxins from eating a bad diet.

However, for those dieters on a ketogenic diet, she points out that konjac is an excellent keto-friendly carb choice due to the fact that so little of its carbohydrate content is actually digestible; and thus, does not breakdown into sugar that goes into the bloodstream.

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“Konjac compounds are so hard for us to break down that we barely absorb any carbs or calories from them,” she explains. An entire package of konjac noodles has negligible carbs and just 20 calories. “They’re basically a free food on keto or any diet. And the supplement is a zero-cal, zero-carb way to make ordinary foods extraordinary,” states Kellyann Petrucci for Woman’s World.

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How To Get Started On Glucomannan

Health experts advise dieters that if they have never taken glucomannan before, that it is best to start slowly to avoid some of the unpleasant consequences of taking too much, too fast—such as bloating, gas and related discomfort.

• Start with a small dose of only 1-3 g per meal on average—once per day at first—to make sure your body responds favorably to the fiber.

• Get your glucomannan already available in food products, such as shirataki noodles; or, in some Korean and Japanese dishes where it is added as a gel.

• You can buy glucomannan as a powder and add it to a soup mix, or dissolved in a shake or cleansing tonic.

• If you take glucomannan in capsule form, be sure to drink lots of water with it.

For Keto Dieters

For Keto Dieters, the best approach is to incorporate glucomannan into your diet in its konjac noodle form such as with shirataki noodles as part of a salmon or other seafood dish.

However, be sure to limit just how much noodle you put into your dish. One news report earlier this year titled “Diet Noodles Blamed for ‘Unholy Levels of Gastric Upset and Rage,'” warns of one dieter who was hospitalized after consuming glucomannan noodles that formed into a hardened gastric obstruction referred to as “bezoar” in her digestive tract. The bezoar had to be surgically drilled into in order to break it up.

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