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Holiday Keto: Eat, Drink, and Still Shrink, Keto Dieting Advice

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New keto recipe book for the holidays.

Worried about whether you can celebrate Thanksgiving and eat your Keto too? Here is the latest about a new keto holiday dishes recipe book that provides creative ways to stay keto, but still have that taste of Thanksgiving you want.


Thanksgiving is Not a Keto-Friendly Holiday

For Keto dieters, Thanksgiving is fraught with dishes that can quickly knock you off your hard-earned diet in as little as just 2 dishes. For example, half of a cup of mashed potatoes weighs in at roughly 20-30 grams of carbs. Add some flour-thickened gravy to it and you will no longer be on a ketosis-powered fat burning mode.

Keto Dieting Mistake Many Dieters Make

The problem is that we want to have all of those memorable flavors of Thanksgiving and still eat our keto too. And if you are like a lot of dieters during the holidays, you will find that you can resist anything…except temptation.

New Holiday Recipe Book for Keto Dieters

The good news is that holiday food temptation can be avoided without denying what we love most about Thanksgiving. According to a recent news piece on OZARKSFIRST.com, food author Michelle Stacy has a new keto diet book titled “Holiday Keto: Eat, Drink, and Still Shrink,” that is advertised to include “…66 Festive, Easy Recipes,” and shows how staying keto does not mean having to give up on celebrating the flavors of Thanksgiving.

Ms. Stacy explains that keto is an important part of many lives for those who want to become healthier by losing weight, and our are discovering that a ketogenic diet works.

“Many people are eating a diet that’s way too heavy on carbs and not only does that make a lot of people gain weight, but it can lead to a lot of chronic issues like Type 2 diabetes. And it really seems like our bodies are made to take in more fat—which might surprise a lot pf people—and much, much less carbohydrate food. So that’s what the keto diet is based on: it’s really a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb diet,” says Ms Stacy for OZARKFIRST News.

A High Fat Keto Diet Could Prevent And Completely Reverse Heart Failure, Says Study

“Keto has been a huge deal in the last few years, because it turns out to work for a lot of people. And makes them healthier and helps them lose weight. And for many people, it’s quite livable because you get to eat a lot of delicious food—and, you don’t have to count calories.”

Counting Calories in Your Café Latte

Although counting calories is a proven weight loss method, it cannot match the speed of weight lost when compared to a ketogenic diet. However, a ketogenic diet means denying yourself many of the carb dishes you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. In addition, keto causes some unpleasant side-effects you do not experience from other dieting methods.

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Keto Flu, Keto Farts, and Other Keto Facts Faced When Losing Weight with Keto

But when it comes to the holidays—especially Thanksgiving—keto dieters may find it especially difficult to deny themselves some holiday flavor. Fortunately, that may be a thing of the past.

In her book filled with keto recipes from cocktails to main courses for the holidays—one example is her “Leftover Turkey Chowder”—Ms Stacy tells us that what has changed with keto recipes is that creative cooks are finding ways to make non-carb foods taste like our favorite pasta dishes—like scalloped potatoes or a sweet potato casserole that she recommends can be substituted with non-carb ingredients such as cauliflower.

“You can make a cauliflower risotto, that you would swear is made from rice grains, but in fact it’s made from cauliflower that you’ve processed in a food processor. Or, you can buy it that way made into essentially the size of rice.”

“I think what people don’t realize is that a lot of the flavor we get from foods—especially holiday food—have very specific flavors that we are looking for: like cinnamon, cloves and ginger and that kind of thing. The flavor comes more from those much more than they do from the base food that you are using. So you substitute in cauliflower, and it’s like you are having your favorite Thanksgiving side dish, but you are not going off your keto diet.”

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In her book as an example, Ms Stacy has a “Mac” and Cheese keto recipe where she uses cauliflower in place of the pasta.

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Here is a video of the news story for more details:

For more about how to handle your diet over the holidays, here is some past advice on How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain.

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