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Get Younger Looking Hands with This Dr. Oz Advice

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Tips for how you should be treating your hands to look younger

You’ve had a makeover and you do look years younger, but did you know that your hands are one of the top revealers of your true age? Here’s some Dr. Oz advice on how to get younger looking hands right now – PLUS, a Dr. Oz “Anti-Aging Secrets” video.


Because of their constant exposure to the elements, the home, and the workplace, your hands are much more susceptible to aging damage than any other part of your body. And as such, ages faster than the rest of your skin—without the proper care.

Here’s a summary of advice from Dr. Oz The Good Life on what you should be doing right now to make your hands…and you…look younger starting today.

Anti-Aging Tips for Spot-Free and Smoother Hands: Apply SPF-30 or higher containing skin cream to your hands first thing in the morning as part of your morning ritual to counter age spots; which incidentally, are not due to the normal aging process but are the result of accumulated sun exposure, and thereby preventable.

You should also reapply your choice of cream to your skin every 2 hours and right after washing your hands. And there’s no need to slather it on making your skin feel greasy, just a dime-sized amount is all you will really need.

Dr. Oz The Good Life also recommends applying a spot-fading serum that contains vitamin C, licorice or kojic acid twice a day on your hands. And, as an added protection against skin that has a creped, crinkly look that makes you wish that gloves were back in fashion, add a retinol cream to your hand regimen as well to help thicken thinned skin into a more youthful plump. For best results, you may want to see your dermatologist for a prescription retinoid cream to improve your skin’s texture and hasten the growth of thickening collagen.

Anti-Aging Tips for Getting Rid of Dryness: Nothing screams “OLD” louder than scaly skin when it comes to guessing someone’s age. As it turns out, that scaliness could be due to using oil-stripping antibacterial soaps too often as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers that will dry out your skin.

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A better alternative recommended by Dr. Oz The Good Life is to switch to pH-balanced cleansers for disinfecting your hands at home, keeping alcohol-free wipes in your purse for when out in public, and use a vitamin E and glycerin-rich hand cream for after cleansing the hands.

One non-Oz recommendation is to do with your hands what you do with your face at night—create an all-night moisture mask. Simply apply your favorite glycerin and plant oil-containing hand cream to the skin, wrap with plastic wrap and then put on light cotton gloves over the wrap to help keep the wrap in place and protect the bedding.

Anti-Aging Tips for the Nails: Like skin, the nails need moisturizing too. Now is the time to get some good nail care while having that manicure and ask the experts what they recommend for preventing dryness, peeling and splitting of the nails—B vitamin biotin is one ingredient proven to improve nail strength and reduce brittleness.

Dr. Oz The Good Life tells readers that color can make all the difference as well. You should avoiding beigey nude or brown polishes that can make age spots stand out; and, avoid shades with blue undertones that tend to emphasize veiny hands. A better choice for younger-looking hands is to go for brighter colors such as orangey red and coral capped off with a high-shine topcoat. Avoid a matte finish as this can highlight dry skin.

Here’s a YouTube video where Dr. Oz Shares Tips On How to Fight Wrinkles and Protect the Skin:

If you have your own skin cures and remedies that work for you, let us know in the comments section your favorite recommendation for how to get younger looking hands.

Reference: Dr. Oz The Good Life Dec. 2017 “Anti-Age Your Hands”

Image Source: Pixabay