Dr. Oz’s Easy Belly Bloat Cures

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Beat the belly bloat with these fixes

Having trouble squeezing into your jeans and you think you might have put on a couple of pounds over the holidays? Here’s some easy Dr. Oz belly bloat cures that just might get you back into those jeans.


According to a recent issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life, slimming your stomach is a great goal for living a happier, healthier life this year. And while fat tends to distribute to our middle as we grow older, not all tummy pooch can be blamed on added weight gain. In fact, when your favorite pair of jeans fitted just fine yesterday, but is a struggle today, it’s more likely you are suffering from a belly bloat problem caused by gas trapped in your digestive system.

To remedy this problem so that you can jump right into your skinny jeans again, here are some recommended easy belly bloat cures from Dr. Oz The Good Life.

Belly Bloat Cure #1: Fiber-up—Staying regular is an important part of preventing gas from getting uncomfortably trapped in the labyrinth that is your intestinal tract. However, most Americans do not get nearly enough fiber (30-35 grams daily at least). To remedy this problem, start with a good breakfast to get your digestive tract on track with this recommended breakfast plan:

• Eat a small carton of Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of Chia seeds and a cup of raspberries.
• Or, go for a cup of steel-cut oatmeal with a tablespoon of flax seed.
• Be sure to add a banana to either choice to help reduce any water retention.

Belly Bloat Cure #2: Slow down and savor your meals—Wolfing down a meal is a sure way to introduce too much air into your digestive tract. According to Tanya Zuckerbrot, R.D., speed eating is a common cause of belly bloat.

“When you inhale the food in front of you really quickly, you swallow up a lot of air that winds up in your GI tract.”

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Belly Bloat Cure #3: Cucumber for easing water retention—According to Ms. Zuckerbrot, adding some cucumber to your salad can also help lessen your pooching tummy by taking advantage of its diuretic properties. Cucumbers contain a high amount of silicon and sulfur, which induces the kidneys to eliminate uric acids. The result an efficient system of excess water removal from body and relief from feeling overstuffed and bloated.

Belly Bloat Cure #4: Choose the right veggie—Having cabbage or broccoli the evening before will only add to your bloating problems. A better veggie choice is a serving of asparagus due to its containing Asparagine, an amino acid that is known for its efficient diuretic properties. Plus, the fiber in asparagus helps flush out your digestive tract.

Belly Bloat Cure #5: Try an anti-puff potion—One recommended natural remedy is to drink fennel tea, which relaxes the digestive system and relieves bloating. Another anti-puff potion is to make your own parsley broth by chopping a bunch of fresh parsley and boiling it in water for 20-30 minutes. Then, strain away the debris and drink this veggie broth hot or cold.

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Reference: Dr. Oz The Good Life special edition “Say yes to a flatter belly”

Image Source: Pixabay