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Coffee Subscription Services You Might Want to Consider to Beat the COVID Blues

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Subscription coffee brought to your doorstep.

Are you in a morning coffee rut? Now may be the time to take a look at a few coffee subscription services that can give you a vacation from your brewing routine.


With COVID-19, online shopping has become a phenomenon as consumers are trying to find ways to beat the COVID blues by purchasing kits, craft items, games, entertainment-related electronics, home comfort devices, etc. But what about the serious coffee brewer who is getting tired of his morning coffee routine? Or, the coffee drinker who misses the variety from morning café hopping?

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As it turns out, there are online shopping resources just for such coffee drinkers.

A recent online posting in Popular Science tells us that a coffee subscription service can make you feel like you are having a coffee Christmas every few weeks as you anxiously await to see what arrives in the mail to slake your coffee cravings.

The following is a summary of four coffee subscription services recommended by the Popular Science commerce team who have done the research for you that offers something different with each package delivered by the carrier to your doorstep.

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1. Un’kuppd Barista Approved Pour-Over Coffee Subscription

Un’kuppd packs provides you with a monthly subscription of barista-approved coffee at home without the mess and fuss of brewing your own. In fact, you could have a coffee mug and electric hot water kettle on your nightstand and not even have to get out of bed before having that first cup needed to get you out of bed in the first place.

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Un’kuppd comes with:

• Fifteen single-serve Un'kup packs that make 15 cups of specialty-grade, pour-over coffee.
• A minimalist, "origami" filter design that takes the guesswork out of a perfect cup. Just tear off the top of the filter, hang it onto your mug, and pour over. Grind size or portions have already been dialed in for you so that your coffee is ready to go.
• A unique, monthly assortment of specialty grade coffees from US and European coffee roasters.
• AMAZON currently offers it at $34 with free shipping.

2. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Are you looking for something from the local artisan roasters in Seattle? Bean Box offers a 6-month subscription service with freshly roasted beans from 23 of Seattle’s top-rated, award-winning, small batch-roasters, including: Kuma, Herkimer, Ladro, Slate, Bluebeard, True North, Velton, Broadcast, Conduit, Lighthouse, Middle Fork, Seattle Coffee Works, Zoka, and more.

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A Bean Box Sampler gift subscription comes each month with:

• Nearly a half pound of 4 different freshly-roasted whole bean gourmet coffees from Seattle’s top small-batch roasters.
• A choice of decaf, light, espresso, medium, and “all” roasts if you know exactly what kind of coffee you are looking for.
• Tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips, and an artisan treat with free shipping.
• AMAZON currently offers a 6-month gift subscription for $129.00 with free shipping.

3. Driftaway Coffee, Coffee Subscription

Driftaway offers something a little different with its subscription service by providing an initial tasting kit that includes four, 8-ounce bags of whole beans, each with a different flavor profile. From there, the remaining deliveries are based on your preferences.

A six-month subscription comes with:

• A first delivery tasting kit with 8oz of whole beans.
• The remaining 5 deliveries are 11oz each.
• Freshly roasted, seasonal and sustainable single origin coffee.
• All packages ship in 100% compostable packaging.
• AMAZON currently offers a 6-month subscription for $108.00 with free shipping.

4. My Coffee And Book Club, Monthly Subscription Box

A novel (literally) offering is provided with this coffee subscription service that sends you not only a 12-ounce bag of whole bean or ground coffee, but two hardcover books from your selected genre selected by a bibliophile.

With each month’s shipment :

• You will receive a 12-ounce bag of whole bean or ground hand roasted gourmet coffee plus two new hard cover books of your chosen genre.
• My Coffee and Book Club will deliver the highest quality and most flavorful coffee they can find.
• You can change your coffee preference and book genre at any time during your subscription.
• AMAZON currently offers a monthly subscription at $30.99 with free shipping. Your monthly subscription will re-bill on the 15th of each month.

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Reference: "Subscription boxes for coffee lovers" Popular Science Aug, 18, 2020