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The Best Diet For a Slimmer Waist Relies on These 3 Ingredients, Shows Study

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A modified Mediterranean diet results in a slimmer waist.

A new study found that while a Mediterranean diet is associated with a reduced cardiovascular risk and weight loss, a “Green” Mediterranean diet actually performs better toward achieving a slimmer waistline. Discover now the three key ingredients that helped make the “Green” Mediterranean diet the better diet choice against the battle of the bulge.


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Recently we learned that researchers determined that following a plant-based diet leads to more weight loss than other diets, due in part to that adopting a plant-based diet actually causes the body to increase its calorie burning abilities by nearly 20 percent following meals.

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Today, we learn that turning a Mediterranean diet “green” with a vegan approach results not only in an improvement toward reducing cardiovascular risk, but also results in a slimmer waistline in a comparison to a typical Mediterranean diet that allows fish and poultry as its primary protein sources.

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New Study Modifies the Med Diet by Making it Green

According to news sources, the study published in the journal Heart was focused on examining whether the heart health benefits of a Mediterranean diet could be further enriched by replacing the fish and poultry protein sources in a traditional Mediterranean diet with a vegan approach using more plant-based proteins and less meat in the diet.

In the study, 294 participants with obesity or dyslipidaemia were randomly divided into three groups. One group was provided with dietary advice and recommendations referred to as healthy dietary guidance (HDG). A second was given the same advice as the first group; plus, placed on a typical Mediterranean style diet that allows fish and poultry as its primary protein sources. The third group was provided with similar HDG recommendations and placed on a modified “green” style Mediterranean diet that required additional protein from non-animal sources.

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While the second group relied on animal protein, the participants also consumed approximately 28  grams of walnuts per day as supplemental protein and fat calories. Walnuts are a source of healthy fats and have been linked to weight loss.

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The third group also consumed walnuts as a protein and fat source, but in addition were instructed to drink green tea and to consume a protein shake consisting of Mankai duckweed (Wolffia globose)—a high-protein type of aquatic plant that is 45% protein. Duckweeds are also sometimes called “water lentils” when used in human foods or dietary supplements. The participants consumed approximately 100 grams per day of the plant protein as a substitute for animal protein in their Mediterranean style diet.

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The Better Diet for Slimming Waistlines

After the study ended, the researchers determined that while the first group eating a healthy diet lost 3.3 pounds, the two Mediterranean diet groups fared much better. The second group lost 11.9 pounds, whereas the third group on the “green” Mediterranean diet lost 13.7 pounds on average. Moreover, the second group saw a waistline reduction of 2.7 inches while the third group achieved a waistline reduction of 3.4 inches.

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In addition to the improvement in weight lost and waistline reduction, the “green” Mediterranean diet showed an overall improvement toward further reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in comparison to the more-traditional Mediterranean diet style.

The authors of the study concluded that, “The green MED diet, supplemented with walnuts, green tea and Mankai and lower in meat/poultry, may amplify the beneficial cardiometabolic effects of Mediterranean diet.”

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Image Source: Courtesy of Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Reference: The Effect Of Green Mediterranean Diet On Cardiometabolic Risk; A Randomized Controlled Trial” Tsaban G, Yaskolka Meir A, Rinott E, et al, Heart Published Online First: 23 November 2020.