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Add 10 Small Tweaks to Your Day for Painless Weight Loss

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Small changes lead to big weight loss results

Start small, finish big – that’s the advice and promise some health experts make if you can learn how to incorporate small tweaks into your day for painless weight loss.


A recent newsletter from United Healthcare tells readers that making small health changes daily can lead to a rewiring of our brain that could lead to substantial differences later for better health. Here are 10 small tweaks they recommend that could get you thinking differently about how to live healthy and possibly even lose some weight painlessly along the way.

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Easy Weight Loss Tweak #1: Squeeze in micro-workouts

If every little bit of chocolate can add to your waistline, then a little bit of calorie-burning workout can do just opposite. The tweak here is to get into a habit of doing micro-workouts such as a quick session of jumping jacks or a walk around the block or office building. Make it a habit to move in short bursts to fit in some exercise on days when getting a regular workout doesn’t fit your schedule.

Easy Weight Loss Tweak #2: Add fruit to your day

Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and disease-fighting potential, even a few slices of fruit at the end of a meal adds so much health-wise and cuts sugar cravings at the same time.

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Easy Weight Loss Tweak #3: Downsize a dab when dining out

Eating out doesn’t have to equate big calories. Just get in a habit of exercising portion control with such tweaks as ordering from the kids’ menu, asking for a to-go box and splitting your meal in-half to finish the next day, or sharing a plate with a friend.

Easy Weight Loss Tweak #4: Set out workout clothes the night before

Don’t let a rushed morning be your excuse for not taking your gym clothes with you for a potential afterhours workout. Have everything packed the night before in a gym bag beside the doorway ready for when you leave your home.

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Easy Weight Loss Tweak #5: Ease into wholesome whole grains

Not sure about whole grain goodness translating into palate-pleasing tastiness? Try mixing your typical pasta choice 50:50 with a whole grain substitute and see if you really notice a difference.

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Easy Weight Loss Tweak #6: Move your feet – lose your seat

Studies show that there is an association between the number of hours sitting and the fat buildup around waistlines. Reduce those hours and inches by doing more daily activities standing instead of sitting.

Easy Weight Loss Tweak #7: Feeling Famished? Go a little nuts

If you have to have a snack, choose unsalted nuts over typical vending machine fare. Although high in calories, nuts offer much in healthy fats and fiber, and are much better for keeping hunger pains away.

Easy Weight Loss Tweak #8: Lighten up your latte

Go with fat-free dairy and skip the whipped cream to keep your lattes light. Learn to savor coffee without the sweet getting in the way.

Easy Weight Loss Tweak #9: Walk the rest of the way

Is parking a problem? Look it as an opportunity to have less hassle with parking by choosing easier pickings further away from your destination, and letting your feet take you the rest of the way. Ten-thousand steps is the daily recommended goal for good health.

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Easy Weight Loss Tweak #10: Leave it to spinach

Sneaking in veggies by adding a few leaves of fresh spinach here and there to your omelets, sandwiches and pasta dishes is an easy tweak that won’t make you feel like you’ve turned vegan.

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Reference: United Heathcare “Food and fitness: Small tweaks win the day!”

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