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Why Thermacell Is the Smartest Bug Repellent For Avoiding Ticks and Mosquitoes

Mosquito Bite

According to the CDC’s recent report, cases of vector-borne disease has tripled in the United States from 2004 to 2016. Fresh waves of fear about ticks and mosquito-borne diseases are rippling across the country. The good news is that Thermacell Repellents, Inc. is the fastest growing area bug repellent company on the market today. You can host your barbecue party while safely avoiding tick and mosquito invasions by utilizing Thermacell’s ingenious bug repellent devices!


Are you tired of spraying sticky, icky bug dope all over yourself multiple times a day? Is the constant whine of whirring mosquitoes about to drive you crazy? Is your Memorial Day barbecue a feast for a host of little beasts?

What if there was a way you could protect yourself and everyone around you for an area of 15X15 feet this entire summer? Meet Thermacell, a leading bug repellant company that offers a wide selection of highly effective, bug repellent options that are revolutionizing the industry! Their products include lamps, torches, appliances, and rechargeable devices.

#1 Bestseller

Thermacell’s #1 bestselling product, the Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller, will finally let you drink your lemonade in peace because the bugs won’t even suspect your secret weapon until it is too late. Pesky bugs won’t cramp your style at another party again because Thermacell’s affordable Patio Shield Repeller is available in five summery colors that will liven up any backyard and make barbecues bearable again. Check out these reviews from satisfied customers on Thermacell’s bestselling Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller:

“Bought the Patio Shield, and it works great! We have other Thermacell products for hunting and have never been disappointed. Sitting on the front porch at dusk in Louisiana is not a problem any more. Mosquitos are gone. Kids are safe from irritating bites. We love our Thermacell!”

“Recently used this on a warm night when there should have been mosquitoes driving everybody back inside. Nobody noticed the secret weapon sitting on the table, but several guests did mention that they were surprised that they weren't getting bitten.”

Thermacell is the leading EPA approved and regulated area repellent. The EPA has evaluated Thermacell’s products for safety and effectiveness specifically against mosquitoes. Thermacell is at least 10 times more effective than smoky citronella candles, and no other area repellent has proven itself to be more effective. Thermacell’s track record speaks for itself with the highest reviews from satisfied customers out of any other area repellent.

Can You Protect Yourself?

Perhaps the worst part of the CDC’s recent report that vector-borne disease has tripled is that there is no end in sight. In that time frame a total of 9 new pathogens spread by ticks and mosquitoes have been discovered, but fleas are another common vector to avoid. A frightening 8 out of 10 vector control organizations lack critical resources, but the good news is that everyone can protect themselves from mosquito, tick, and flea bites.

The old adage “to be forewarned is forearmed” has never been more true, especially in this instance. Fortunately, there are secret weapons you can use to rid your backyard of ticks and mosquitoes!

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Tick Control Tube from Thermacell

Harvard researchers developed Thermacell’s revolutionary here.

Area repellents are experiencing a surging growth in popularity. For the first time, consumers can protect themselves from hordes of insects without dousing themselves in DEET. All Thermacell repellent products are EPA registered.

Human Health Hazards

One of Thermacell’s best advantages over the typical bug spray options is that it is healthier for you and the environment. Every year, one-third of Americans apply five to seven million pounds of bug repellent! What most folks don’t realize is that traditional bug repellent in the forms of sprays and lotions are laden with toxic chemicals that are often inhaled or absorbed through the skin. They will kill those pesky bugs, but may also cause your own body a great deal of harm.

For example, DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toulamide) is one of the most effective bug repellents on the market, but the risks it poses to your health are a cause for concern. A 2009 study’s findings revealed that DEET interferes with enzymes that are critical for proper functioning of the nervous system. Researchers from the Institute of Development Research in France discovered that DEET blocked the enzyme cholinesterase which is responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the muscles in bugs. Although it was noted that DEET may also affect the nervous system of mammals, the researchers decided that more studies would be necessary. However, they did conclude that the action of cholinesterase can cause excessive salivation and eye-watering in low doses followed by muscle spasms and death. The study’s findings were published in the journal, BMC Biology.

Other studies on DEET suggest that large doses lead to skin blisters, seizures, memory loss, headaches, stiff joints, shortness of breath, and skin irritation. DEET is also linked to neurotoxicity that may lead to physiological and behavioral problems. DEET absorbs very quickly into the skin. According to another study, 48% of the applied dose completely absorbed within six hours. This process was sped up when DEET was mixed with the sunscreen chemical: oxybenzone.

Environmental Hazards

Some environmental concerns that DEET poses are contamination to groundwater, surface water, and drinking water, and DEET is just one of several active ingredients in bug repellent that may be a hazard to human health.


American families look forward to Memorial Day weekend, but their festivities are often interrupted by a buzzing swarm of uninvited guests. Thanks to Thermacell, you and your family can enjoy a safer, more effective alternative to traditional bug repellents by choosing the smart way to save the day: Thermacell Repellents, Inc.