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Why Smart Health Goals Succeed: Set Smart Health Goals With This Weekly Planner!

Smart health goals

As we turn the chapter of a new year, we jot down our resolutions and determine that this is the year we will achieve our smart health goals to be fit and healthy in 2019! However, life can get in the way of smart health goals, and our motives and intentions aren’t always prioritized for a variety of reasons. Maria Marlowe’s new, Be Healthy Every Day weekly planner, is a great tool to help you set and achieve your smart health goals in 2019!


Statistics About New Year Resolution Failures

Did you know that 80% percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February including smart health goals? That is the unfortunate reality for most according to this article by Business Insider. It is almost February! While this is, unfortunately, the case for the majority of people, it doesn’t have to happen to you. Maria Marlowe’s, Be Healthy Every Day: A Weekly Planner, is just one example of a great tool you can use to help you stay focused by keeping track of your smart health goals in a fun, organized way!

What I Liked About the Be Healthy Every Day Weekly Planner

You can keep track of your smart health goals and progress which is very motivating! Maria’s practical experience as a health coach is evidenced in the way she laid out the planner. She inserts friendly challenges, advice, tips, and hints throughout. The planner comes with 300 fun stickers that help to keep you on track. The main focus of the planner is to help you build daily, healthy habits based upon the idea that consistency is the key. I love how Maria encourages you to take baby steps towards your smart health goals until your healthy lifestyle choices become habitual.

No matter what level of health knowledge you are at, you will find this planner helpful! This planner will help you to set and achieve smart health goals because it is:

• Colorful
• Fun
• Motivational
• Encouraging
• Supportive
• Informational
• Challenging
• User-friendly
• Beginner friendly
• Practical

According to Maria Marlowe:

“Unlike the instant gratification of diet pills or microwave dinners, switching to a healthy diet and lifestyle won’t lead to results overnight. You can’t expect one kale salad to erase decades of poor food choices – that’s like taking a shower once and expecting to smell good forever. So don’t make the mistake of throwing in the towel too soon. Most people need at least two weeks to establish a habit; if you need more time, you can take up to four weeks to get it down. Be healthy Every Day will help you to track your progress and, more importantly, inspire you to take consistent action every single day to move you closer and closer to your goals.”

In this planner, Maria encourages you to incorporate new spices, get your heart pumping, promote positive self-talk and self-care, nourish your relationships, laugh more, stop making excuses, and to stop trying and start doing. Maria understands that our smart health goals don’t get achieved we our health isn’t a priority.

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About the Author

Maria Marlowe, C.H.C, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is the founder of mariamarlowe.com, a website that provides healthy recipes as well as diet and lifestyle tips. Maria is passionate about helping busy women to improve their health, reach their goal weight, and clear up their acne by giving their diet a nutritional upgrade. Maria's clients include celebrities, business executives, and modern moms. She hosts the Happier and Healthier podcast, available on iTunes. Her first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, has been praised as “the most practical book to navigate a healthier way of eating” by renowned physician and a leading researcher in healthcare, Dr. Dean Ornish. Maria Marlowe has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and more.

Maria Marlowe’s Ideal Plate Ratio

Another smart way this planner helps you to make and achieve smart health goals is by showing you the ideal plate ratio according to Maria Marlowe: 25% High-Quality Protein including animal protein and cooked plant protein, 50% vegetables or fruits that can be cooked or raw, 25% Greens, Beans, or a Gluten-Free Whole Grain, and she reminds you not to forget your healthy fats!

Are you a Planner Type Person?

Planners are always useful for jotting down ideas, and this planner is great for tracking smart health goal progress. Often, planners are ideal for type A personalities and people who like “hands-on” projects. For example, I often jot down ideas or lists and then lose them. This planner will help you to stay organized. Some people may try opting for an app instead, but think again: cell phones can be distracting, and maybe it is about time we chose technology-free options like this planner instead of technology that can be counter-productive. Not sure if this planner is for you? Google Books lets you preview pages and sections from this planner here!

Check Out These 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

“This planner has inspired me to stick with my healthy habits, way more effective than the digital trackers I've used. I find checking off the box to signify I met my daily habit/goal is so satisfying, that I never want to miss a day! I love the additional content, reminders, recipes, and suggestions for new healthy habits to try. Between this planner and the author's other book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, I've lost 10 pounds and have never felt better or more energetic. I've already given it to my mom and my sister in law, too.” – WellnessJunkie

“This book is beautifully designed and illustrated. The 300+ stickers in the back are cute and clever and help make the process of tracking your health eating habits more fun. Way better than a dieting/exercise app on your phone.” – Daniel J. Shimberg


In conclusion, Maria Marlowe’s weekly planner, Be Healthy Every Day, offers a fun way to stay organized and inspired as you chase your smart health goals in 2019. I’m personally really enjoying this planner, and it has really helped me to stay focused and challenged. I highly recommend it! To learn more about Maria Marlowe, her health coaching, and top health and weight loss tips, please visit her website by clicking here.