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Why Boscumin Is the Best Turmeric Supplement Available on the Market Today

Best Turmeric Supplement

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NIH), Americans spend over $30 billion annually on dietary supplements. More than 2/3 of adults are taking supplements, but the majority of them are unaware that the supplement industry is completely unregulated, sends over 20,000 people to the ER every year, and features misleading labels that frequently don’t actually contain what they claim as Dr. Sreek Cherukuri M.D. discovered in his research and will reveal in this interview. Dr. Cherukuri is working tirelessly to raise awareness about the unregulated and potentially hazardous supplements that may be posing danger to consumers. That’s why Dr. Cherukuri developed Boscumin, the first pharmaceutical-grade turmeric product available on the market today. In this article, we will explore why Boscumin is the best turmeric supplement available.


Boscumin Is the Best Turmeric Supplement

Dr. Cherukuri recently developed a new supplement called Boscumin on his mission to provide consumers and his patients with safe, effective supplements that he can recommend. Boscumin is the first pharmaceutical-grade turmeric product on the market. Did you know that turmeric is the 9th most-used supplement in the United States, but it is frequently no better than placebo? Independent tests revealed that 61% of turmeric supplements aren’t even absorbed by the human body which in essence makes them useless. Shockingly, 40% don’t even contain real turmeric as the labels claim. These facts are highly alarming considering that 2/3 of adults are taking supplements on a regular basis. Dr. Cherukuri will reveal his research upon which these facts are based in the upcoming interview.

Americans Remain Confident About Supplement Safety and Efficacy According to Survey

According to a consumer survey commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), 68% of Americans take dietary supplements and 84% of survey participants expressed overall confidence in the safety, quality, and effectiveness of dietary supplements. A high percentage of supplement users (78%) had overall confidence that dietary supplements deliver what they say on their labels. Unfortunately, such is often not the case as Dr. Sreek Cherukuri M.D. can and will attest to in our interview today.

Interview with Dr. Sreek Cherukuri M.D.

I had the distinct honor and privilege of conducting an interview with Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, M.D., regarding the issue of unregulated supplements, why his new supplement Boscumin is the best turmeric supplement available, and his tips for deciding a supplement is safe to take or not.

Dr. Cherukuri: So this is the origin of Boscumin. I’m a practicing surgeon, and I noticed that more and more of my patients were taking supplements over the last few years. More and more patients were asking me about what supplements I would recommend and traditionally dietary supplements are not part of our medical training. So before giving them some answers, I wanted to inform myself and educate myself about the industry and what I found out was pretty surprising. It was a pretty shocking to me as a doctor that the FDA does not regulate supplements at all before they go to market. So things that are on the market, no government agency has any idea about them. We have no idea if they're safe. We have no idea if they're effective, and we have no idea if the product on the label is even contained in the bottle. And one of the startling stories I uncovered was that the New York attorney general tested a number of supplements on the shelf at Walgreens, GMC, Target, and Walmart and 80 percent of that, four out of five, have no evidence of the product on the label inside the bottle. So they were completely fraudulent supplements.

My takeaway from that was I couldn't recommend anything to my patients because I have no idea if they're getting what they're paying for. And on top of that, I found that the vast majority of supplements or vitamins had no medical research supporting their use, whether it's to reduce any health concerns or actually make your health better. So that was a big surprise to me. And on the flip side, I'm of Indian origin and in East Indian medicine, we have a number of ingredients that have been used for centuries for a variety of conditions. I also know that as a physician, almost 70 percent of pharmaceutical drugs come from nature. So on the one hand, sourcing a product from nature makes a lot of sense. We have a lot of evidence such as aspirin, such as caffeine, such as some chemotherapy drugs, some cardiac drugs that come from plants. So knowing the right context with the right purity and medical studies, we can find ingredients in nature that work really well, but the current infrastructure and the current regulatory climate make it so that the consumer has no way of knowing if they're taking something that's safe or effective or even tainted. There are other studies that show a large number of dietary supplements are tainted with substances that are illegal in America or have pharmaceutical drugs that are not declared on the label. So that's why I then created Boscumin because I knew there were ingredients that worked from East Indian medicine. I also knew there was no ingredient on the market or product in the market I could trust him for myself, my family, or my patients. So I went out and created one that has a tremendous amount of medical studies proving that it works against placebo, and we took extra steps to guarantee purity so that anyone that takes it knows they're getting the premium product on the marketplace. So that's the background.

Kaitlin: Thank you! That is just fascinating, and it is really concerning about the other vitamins and supplements available today on the market. Could you please tell us more about the research that went into the development of Boscumin?

Dr. Cherukuri: Right, so again, it stems from my youth. Turmeric is one of the ingredients which has become more popular in America now. All right, so if it's formulated properly, it's a strong anti-inflammatory. But in my research, I've found that 61 percent of supplements containing turmeric, they just go through the body and are not absorbed at all because they're not formulated properly, and so that was point number one of research. Point number two is there's this ancient ingredient that comes from the sap of a tree. It's also known as Indian Frankincense, and it’s called Boswellia, and it's been studied and it’s a very potent anti-inflammatory, but it works differently than turmeric. So what we did is in the lab, we put the two ingredients in, and we fused them with an extract from sunflower oil in a way that makes them both fat soluble and it vastly increases their absorption and anti-inflammatory activity. Inflammation, as you may know, has been implicated in a variety of conditions from cardiac to brain health, to aging, obviously joint health, and things like that. So that's how we came up with the formula. That's how we came up with the first product that we wanted to target.

Kaitlin: Wow, that’s fascinating. So one of the top benefits of Boscumin is anti-inflammatory properties, correct?

Dr. Cherukuri: Right, so what that means to the everyday person is, as we get older, there's just day to day walking around or going up and down stairs that we might have some achy joints or muscles. So it gives relief for that. For the younger population, after an aggressive workout, there'll be less soreness and quicker recovery so that someone could either get back to working out sooner or push themselves harder to meet their fitness goals. That's the musculoskeletal benefits. We have studies, and we've seen the testimonials from patients and customers saying that it helps their inflammatory bowel conditions which is something like Crohn's or ulcerative colitis. From a skin standpoint, things like psoriasis and generalized aging may also have components of inflammation, and it can also help other autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or there's a variety of things like lupus or fibromyalgia. There are conditions, whether there's pain or inflammation. This is a healthy natural way to help address some of those concerns.

Kaitlin: That’s wonderful! Could you please tell us more about SmartSynergy technology?

Dr. Cherukuri: Yes, so I briefly mentioned it earlier, but if you take raw turmeric, studies have shown that you can take 66 teaspoons of turmeric and there'll be no evidence of turmeric in the blood because it's not absorbed. And when we fuse it with sunflower oil, it then gets absorbed at a high percent, 2,900 percent higher, and that's part of it. The way it works on inflammation is different than the way the Boswellia works on inflammation. Boswellia also has problems with absorption. So the smart synergy technology is putting these two anti-inflammatories that target inflammation differently along with the sunflower oil that vastly increases their absorption and you get a synergistic effect targeting inflammation in a very, very high bioavailable manner. And that's why we got excellent clinical results with that product compared to most on the market.

Kaitlin: That’s awesome. How many clinical trials have been conducted on Boscumin?

Dr. Cherukuri: So on the raw ingredients there have been over 40 trials. Most of these are against placebo and just for your own education, you might know this already, but placebo, it's a sugar pill. And the only way to know if some medicine or supplements or intervention works if you got to compare it to a sugar pill, which would have no known medical benefits. And you take two identical or similar populations or a big group and you split them in half, half gets the sugar pill, half get the active ingredient that you're testing and you would expect a far greater improvement in the symptoms of the group that took the active ingredient versus the placebo. That's what's missing in the dietary supplement and vitamin world is that there are not a lot of placebo-controlled trials showing benefit. That's the only way someone could know if whatever they're taking is actually doing anything or it's just a waste of money – placebo-control trials and we have the most for anything anti-inflammatory that I'm aware of on the market.

Kaitlin: Well, that’s awesome. What are your tips Dr. Cherukuri for deciding whether or not a supplement is safe to consume?

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Dr. Cherukuri: Well, that's a tough one because again, there's no FDA oversight on supplements and there've been a number of supplements that have caused either major illnesses or even death. And the only way the FDA takes action is after someone gets sick or dies, and it usually has to be a number of people. So for consumers that are taking something, they have to look for third-party verification or an independent lab that looked at the supplements they're taking to make sure it is safe. You can't trust the manufacturer per se because there's no government agency overseeing this. So that's one. Kind of an overview though, if you don't have a specific symptom that you're trying to treat, the vast majority of these things, again, such as vitamins, multivitamins, such as fish oil, don’t show any benefit. So the most people don't need to be taking these at all, but if they are going to take one, they have to do their homework and look for something that's independently verified to be safe. And they’ve got to do their own research to find out if the product is actually effective for the reason they're taking it. Now we've done that homework for people. So if they're looking for something for inflammation, aches, pains, or for general health and wellness, we’ve done all that legwork and homework for them. We also are the only anti-inflammatory that radiocarbon tests and DNA tests our product to make sure they're authentic and on every bottle you can scan a QR code and get individual results for that bottle, and it's a third party independent test that shows that what we say is on the label is on the bottle.

Kaitlin: Thank you so much for all that you have done to develop Boscumin. There's definitely a need for that. Do you know what contaminants or reasons there were when they did that study concerning whether or not the products available for the general market were effective (which obviously they were not found to be), but do you know what issues were found like mold contamination for instance?

Dr. Cherukuri: So I do know, but let me make sure I know which study you're referring to. So I talked about a few different studies, but in general, there's a group of studies, many, many studies, that have looked at things like multivitamins, fish oil, and those kinds of things. They're just saying that when you looked at two different populations, there was no benefit compared to placebo. That's not a contamination, it’s just a lack of effect. It doesn't work and it’s a waste of money. The other study was talking about 80 percent of supplements tested at retail stores, showed no evidence of the product on the label inside the bottle. The manufacturers were engaged in product substitution, so it might say Echinacea or Ginkgo Biloba on the bottle for example and all that was in there was asparagus powder or rice powder, so that was completely fraudulent. Separate from that, there have been over 800 supplements pulled off the market because they were tainted with either pharmaceutical drugs or illegal substances that have been banned in the USA. That’s a third kind of category or problem area.

Kaitlin: Okay, thank you, that answers my question. I just was wondering because you hear a lot about cross contamination, especially when it comes to certain allergens, and so thank you for clarifying that.

Dr. Cherukuri: Well, let me just add one thing, so that study where 80 percent were fake. They did find wheat and gluten in products that were labeled gluten free. That's a big deal. So that's, why, you know, with no one overseeing it, that's why you can get in trouble just taking something off the shelf without doing some homework.

Kaitlin: Absolutely. So is there anything else you'd like to talk about regarding that issue? Because you've been very thorough in describing why Boscumin is a superior product due to all of all the third-party testing.

Dr. Cherukuri: The reason I made this product was that it was something that myself and my family could take. Obviously, for my patients, I could now recommend something to them. Anyone curious to try our product, we make it really easy. There’s a money back guarantee. If you don't feel a significant difference after taking our product, it’s no cost to you. You get your money back. So we've made it a risk-free trial. I think we're trying to set standards in place that other supplement companies and brands should live up to. We're raising the bar, we're setting a new standard with purity, with guaranteed efficacy based on medical research against placebo and also it's no risk to the patient or the consumer to try it.

Kaitlin: That's great. Thank you for making that available. I’m excited to try your product and as I was looking it up on your website, it definitely has a lot of rave reviews.

Dr. Cherukuri: The one other thing I would like to mention, besides the money back guarantee, we're the only supplement in the marketplace that guarantees improvement on a symptom score and what that means is for people with specific inflammation issues such as joint or muscle aches, for example, we send consumers a before-and-after validated symptom survey so they can actually see after 30 or 60 days or 90 days how much better they are feeling. Sometimes it's hard for a person to tell. We're giving them a way to measure.

Kaitlin: Oh, that's really helpful because so many people vary on their ability to discern their own symptoms because some people are better at reading their bodies than others.

Dr. Cherukuri: I would agree with that. So that's another thing. We're trying to set the standards. Sometimes you take something, and you're not even sure it's working. We're providing people with a way to know it's working.

What Makes Boscumin the Best Turmeric Supplement Available?

Boscumin features a patent-pending technology called SmartSynergy which boosted absorption by 29x. Boscumin is the world’s first and only Boswellia and Curcumin supplement to feature this revolutionary technology, and it has been tested in 40 human clinical trials which proved it to be an anti-inflammatory supplement that increases joint mobility and comfort by an impressive percentage of 330%!

Check out one of Boscumin’s many rave reviews:

“I have been taking this for about 8 months to help with joint pain from osteoarthritis, and I have been able to eliminate all pain meds! This was recommended to me from my rheumatologist and it’s been working great, no crazy aftertaste and no crazy tasting burps. In the past, I’ve tried fish oil, MSM, glucosamine, you name it, I’ve tried it. Some things have worked to some extent, but nothing like this! I highly recommend it!!” – Ellen P.

Boscumin has been featured in the New York Times and the Wallstreet Journal. Learn more about curcumin’s many healing benefits by clicking here.


In conclusion, Dr. Sreet Cherukuri developed Boscumin because he believes in making supplements a risk-free, beneficial experience for consumers by setting new standards of purity and providing an efficacy guarantee based on medical research against placebo. To learn more about Boscumin and why it is the best turmeric supplement available, please visit the website by clicking here. Don’t forget that Boscumin comes with a money-back guarantee and a guaranteed improvement based on their provided symptom score. What are you waiting for? Boscumin is a win-win situation because it is the best turmeric supplement ever!