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Why Avi Ben Ezra’s Chatbot Company SnatchBot is the Future of Digital Healthcare


SnatchBot is a company that is revolutionizing the future of the industry as one of the largest chatbot providers in our world today. Featured on Forbes, Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO and researcher behind SnatchBot is making a digital difference for over 30 million companies. Chatbots are the future of the technological industry, and SnatchBot believes they are also the future of digital healthcare.


What are Chatbots?

In our digitally driven society, we don’t think twice when we encounter chat boxes on the websites we visit each and every day, but those chat boxes are actually representing customer service personalities called chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence. This phenomenon is made possible by modern technology called machine learning and natural language processing. Many different companies rely on chatbots to handle their customer service interactions smoothly and efficiently, but SnatchBot’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Avi Ben Ezra, is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to better serve people in the health care field and beyond.

How Chatbots Serve the Healthcare Industry

People have grown accustomed to instant gratification in our world today where technology and modern culture have resulted in a fast and furious lifestyle for the majority of the population. People just aren’t willing to settle when it comes to convenience, and this is especially true in the healthcare world where fear, tension, and an urgent need for answers ramps up the intensity of the demand. That’s where chatbots come to the rescue because they can provide compassionate, efficient care 24 hours a day, 24/7. Patients don’t have to worry about availability or accessibility, and physicians don’t have to try to squeeze more into their crazy schedules.

Chatbots for Patients

Chatbots are the perfect solution for the healthcare industry. They can serve patients by providing answers to frequently asked medical questions, scheduling appointments and consultations, sending prescription refill alerts, sending prescription care guidelines, making payments, and more! Chatbots have already proven themselves to be perfectly capable of providing emergency first aid and first level primary care to patients in need.

Chatbots for Physicians

Physicians’ time is valuable, and they are often stretched thin trying to care for all of their patients. Lives depend on them, and chatbots can be used to lighten their load. Chatbots can serve physicians by tracking patient care to reduce readmissions, sending and receiving referrals, updating record systems with patients’ medical history, signaling hospital staff if a patient needs assistance, automating data entry, streamlining admission, discharge, and transfer requests, track patients’ care to reduce readmissions, reducing errors, and avoiding double entries, and more!

How Chatbots Work In Our World Today

How do chatbots accomplish all of this? Chatbots are sophisticated technological artificial intelligence programs designed to interact with humans and simulate conversation. Chatbots answer human inquiries by accessing the knowledge database at their disposal. Popular examples of this technology include Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Chatbots are definitely trending with SnatchBot, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Samsung, and other companies high on the technological industry ladder all working to create the best chatbot to represent them as a company.

Some of the problems facing the healthcare industry today include rising costs, disparate systems of record, and a lack of patient engagement. SnatchBot’s co-founder and CTO, Avi Ben Ezra, believes the modern solutions are digitalization, multichannel integration, and bots.

What is SnatchBot?

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SnatchBot is a highly successful Israeli-based company whose platform has been used to help over 30 million end users build bots to fit their specific needs and track user metrics. SnatchBot’s customers include Uber, Allianz, and Accenture. France and Israel are pilot countries where SnatchBot was initially created and utilized.

SnatchBot’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Avi Ben Ezra recently stated in an interview with Forbes:

“What we have learned is that, despite all of the hype about humans being resistant to change, people are open to and enthusiastic about engaging with chatbots. From our analysis of the over 6,000 bots developed using SnatchBot’s technology, only 11.8% abandoned their chat. This is a very strong metric for an emerging technology.”

The Benefits of SnatchBot

What are the benefits of SnatchBot? I’m glad you asked. As a company, SnatchBot provides many aforementioned benefits plus:

  • Reducing their carbon footprint in cases where employees need not travel to work
  • Reducing payroll tax in countries where governments are no longer competitive.
  • SnatchBot is proven to root out call center mafias that carry out credit card fraud because it provides superior card security and contributes to cybersecurity.

SnatchBot was Featured on Forbes

In an interview featured on Forbes, SnatchBot’s co-founder and CTO Avi Ben Ezra stated:

“Chatbots can be very simple and intuitive to use: having a total number of 30M users reached while having an 80% success rate -- calculated by users saying “thank you” at the end of their session -- is very encouraging and compelling for us.”

The growth of the chatbot industry is currently paced at 24% annually according to research conducted by SnatchBot. In 2017, the market was worth $864.9 million, and the market is only projected to expand as the global demand for artificial intelligence software increases across multiple industries including healthcare, IT, telecommunication, retail, government, banking, and others.

A Common Chatbot Misconception

A common misconception about chatbots is that they replace human jobs with artificial intelligence. Chatbots enhance the experience of modern consumers with businesses and allow employees to handle more serious matters that require the expertise of a human. For example, SnatchBot is saving companies millions of hours of human labor formerly spent answering routine queries. For example, a chatbot created on SnatchBot’s platform for HDFC Bank in India dealt with 2.7 million queries in just six months. Estimates from the National Australia Bank show that their new chatbots will save them approximately $16 million dollars a year!


In conclusion, SnatchBot provides a unique solution to the problems the healthcare industry is facing today. To learn more about SnatchBot as a company and the many ways bots are making changes for the better, please visit SnatchBot’s website by clicking here.

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