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What Everyone Ought To Know About Finding the Best DNA Test

Best DNA Test

DNA tests have exploded in popularity in recent years according to The Guardian. In 2015 the market was worth an approximately 70 million, but by 2022 the value is expected to leap to an estimated 340 million! Professionals attribute this lucrative surge to the public’s fascination with ancestry, but the market isn’t limited to only to determining our ancestors anymore. The booming business has expanded into the vectors of beauty, health, fitness, and dating. Top 10 DNA Testing is a website that can help you to determine the best DNA test by giving you the appropriate guidelines, reviews, and statistics.


Imagine finding out that you are related to European royalty, Viking warriors, or that you are descended from passengers on the Mayflower? Once you would have had to trace family trees and travel great distances to quench your ancestral curiosity, knowing all the while that there was the possibility that all your hard work might go up in smoke. The ease and convenience of a simple DNA test appeals to many with an appetite for adventure in a modern world. For others, the unknown is a frightening entity because it has become the essence of their identity. All they want to know is who they are and where they came from because the thought of being all alone in the world is unbearable to face unless one must. These are just some of many reasons why DNA testing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Is DNA Testing Accurate?

DNA testing is backed by science, but various DNA test companies have not escaped controversy. Perhaps the consumer’s biggest concern is whether or not DNA testing from these companies is accurate concerning your ancestral heritage. While the issue is still debated amongst scientists, Dr. Michael Zwick believes DNA testing for tracing your genealogical roots is valid. Dr. Michael Zwick is an associate professor at Emory University's Departments of Human Genetics and Pediatrics and assistant dean of research at Emory's School of Medicine. He told the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"These sorts of measures are well-supported in my view, although you have to recognize that our genomes undergo recombination – mixing – every generation. So, really what these estimates are showing is the probable origins of parts of your genome related to a geographic region.”

The Best DNA Test Isn’t Magic

Many historians, including Dr. Jeffrey Lesser, chair of Emory University's Department of History and director of the Halle Institute for Global Research and Learning, believe that using genetics to determine ancestry is more complicated than most people think because cultural heritage and identity can’t so easily be reduced to genetics as he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the same article.

Perhaps the general public’s view of DNA testing is slightly misguided in a sense. It is a most helpful tool that narrows down the search. Folks desiring percentages will be satisfied, but those who want more details may want to dig deeper. At least the best DNA test will give them a more accurate idea of what they’re looking for.

How to Find the Best DNA Test

Consumers everywhere want to know what the best DNA test is for their money. They also want to ensure the protection of their rights and privacy when they entrust such sensitive data to a large corporation.

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This is where Top 10 DNA Testing steps in. We live in a world where stars and reviews determine where our money lands. You wouldn’t purchase a product with horrible ratings on Amazon, and you are especially wary when your DNA is concerned. That is wise, and it is with this understanding in mind that Top 10 DNA Testing operates. This website ensures that you get the best DNA test personalized to fit your needs and budget by outlining all of the details clearly for you based on the best reviews from other consumers. Top 10 DNA Testing’s website is kept current and up to date on a monthly basis, and thus consumers can be assured that the statistics are accurate and relevant at all times.

DNA Testing Has Endless Possibilities

DNA testing is appealing to all races, cultures, and nations worldwide because we live in an age where the prospects of DNA tests boast endless possibilities. The news reports and headlines are filled almost daily with yet another way to use DNA testing. Scientists are constantly developing creative uses for DNA testing in everything from attempting to find the loch ness monster to identifying a royal mummy that has lain in the shadows of an Egyptian tomb for millennia. This is the power humanity has always craved…to unmask the mystery and legends of our past so that we might possess a brighter future.

Be Careful About Trusting DNA Test Companies

However, we must be aware of the dangers that come from abusing this power. A DNA test requires sensitive, personal data. Please read the privacy policies and research each company thoroughly (Top 10 DNA Testing is a good source) before deciding what the best DNA test is for you.

One of the benefits of DNA testing that you may not have considered is that DNA can help the law to track down those who have fled justice for years. This was the case for the serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper. He was active from 1985 to 1988 followed by a 14 year break until he started killing again in 2002. By the aid of a new state familial DNA technology system in California, the police were able to track down and identify Lonnie Franklin Jr as the Grim Sleeper. He was charged with 10 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder in 2010. Perhaps one of the reasons he evaded suspicion for so long was because he was a police mechanic.

More Benefits of DNA Testing

Another benefit of the best DNA test is identifying possible health risks in your genes. Please keep in mind that it is often difficult to interpret such genetic data without professional medical help. Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer are two examples of diseases that science claims the best DNA testing will be able to warn you about so that you can implement the proper precautions if possible.


There are many benefits of DNA testing. The best DNA tests can connect lost family, eliminate personal health risks, and bring killers to justice. Top 10 DNA Testing can assist you in locating the best DNA test for your unique genes, ancestry, and biological fingerprint.