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Top 5 Favorite Certified Gluten-Free Makeup Products

Lip gloss application

More and more people are finding themselves eating gluten-free whether they have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. However, many women don’t consider that they may be ingesting gluten through their skin because many makeup products contain gluten. Here are my top 5 favorite certified gluten-free makeup products that I use personally. All products mentioned in this list are certified gluten-free and each company maintains vigorous testing standards.


Mineral Fusion Mascara

This remains my favorite mascara ever, and I have worn quite a few including popular drugstore brands. I love the big wand, the thick formula, and how long this product lasts. It does tend to dry out easily if the cover isn’t screwed on tight because of its mineral based formula, but it is good as new if you use an eyedropper to add a couple drops of water into the tube. This mascara will easily last you for months, and I have found it to be more budget-friendly than other drugstore brands for this reason. Plus, I don’t have to worry about gluten near my eyes because the eyes and lips are the most sensitive, vulnerable areas of the face to expose to allergens.

Mineral Fusion Lipstick

I just want to bring it to your attention that these lipsticks have a texture that is like clay at first. You have to warm them up because they don’t contain parabens or other chemicals that make them melt easily. Nevertheless I really love these lipsticks. They are available in shades that are universally flattering and the packaging is very chic. Crush is my favorite shade, but I am looking forward to trying more colors eventually. These are the first non-toxic lipsticks I have ever worn that don’t fade quickly and don’t dry out my lips. I would give them 6 stars if I could!

Mineral Fusion Radiance Illuminating Powder

I love this product because I get a big bang for my buck, and I don’t have to worry about inhaling allergens. This bronzer quad gives you 4 uses in one product:

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• Blush – This blush goes on really smoothly without being dusty. I am blonde with blue eyes, and it suits my fair complexion very nicely. However, it is very rosy in tone if you prefer mauve or peach.
• Bronzer - I wouldn’t recommend using this as a bronzer unless you like to shine. There is a lot of shimmer in this product.
• Eyeshadow - I have used the gold, brown, and pearly white shades as eye shadows with great results. I like to wet my Eco-tools brushes before applying to get the maximum sparkle and pigmentation.
• Highlighter - The highlighter isn’t as blendable as drugstore highlighters. I personally prefer the effect of a subtle highlight.

Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayons

I had heard great things about the Juice Beauty line so I was eager to try it. All of their colors come from fruit-derived pigments. I ordered a lip crayon trio because it was more cost-effective. My favorite shade out of the 3 was Laguna. Usually I can’t wear nude shades because it bleaches me out, but this had a very subtle brownish pink tint that made it work for me. Zuma was a very pretty, pigmented red though I am not accustomed to wearing red. Catalina was a nice summery shade with coral and peachy tones. It reminded me of a sunset. This formula is like lip butter in texture, very creamy and moisturizing. It rubs off easily, but all 3 shades were very flattering. I prefer to re-apply a lip product anyway rather than wear one that makes my lips dry and chapped.

Mineral Fusion Lip Crayons

These lip crayons are very affordable. My favorite shade is Flicker. They are very moisturizing, but the color does stay on quite well. The product lasts quite a long time.

I’m sure you’re wondering why 3 out of the 5 certified gluten-free products I mentioned were lip products. No girl wants to be limited to just one lip product, but unfortunately lip products pose the biggest threat of gluten ingestion if they aren’t certified gluten-free. Thus I included all of the lip products I personally use and enjoy. Out of the 3 options, I’m sure there are enough colors to satisfy any lipstick fan. There are several other certified gluten-free makeup brands available including Afterglow Cosmetics and Alima Pure.

In conclusion, there are some great, certified-gluten free makeup products available. It is very freeing to be able to wear a product and not worry about if it is going to give you an allergic reaction.

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