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Top 10 Personal Favorites in Non-Endocrine Disrupting Skincare Products

Skincare creams

A host of endocrine disrupting chemicals lurk in our skincare routines like phthalates, parabens, and many more. I have found many natural, non-toxic skincare products that act as safe and effective alternatives.


I received inquiries on my favorite non-toxic skincare products after I wrote my article on the top 3 endocrine disrupting chemicals in skincare for men and women. Here are my top 10 favorite non-toxic and non-endocrine disrupting skincare products that are kind to the body.

Now Cinnamon Xyli-White Toothpaste

I love this toothpaste. I get mine at my local health food store, but it is available to order on Amazon as well. This toothpaste contains xylitol which research has shown to help in the elimination of plaque.

Alba Botanica hairspray

My aluminum levels were almost off the charts high after blood tests. A lot of personal care products went sailing into the trash including my pressurized hairspray in an aluminum can. This hairspray works really well, and my hair doesn't get crunchy or dead when I use it. Plus, this brand of hairspray is considerably more affordable than many of the other organic brands out there.

Badger Sunscreen

Badger has several sunscreens available, but I went with the lowest SPF at first because I didn't want to go with a higher SPF then I needed. I was at the beach all day, and it worked marvelously well. I appreciated how it didn't feel greasy or have that nasty chemical smell.

Terra Mia Organics Shampoo bar

I am still searching for a good conditioner, but as far as shampoo goes this organic shampoo bar by Terra Mia works really well. My hair has never felt so silky, and it makes your skin really soft too. All of their scents come from essential oils, but don't buy the lime scent if you take your showers at night because the stimulating properties of the lime may keep you awake.

EOS Organic Honeydew Melon Lip Balm

Eos has always been my favorite brand of lip balm. However, I was saddened to find that some of them contained soy to which I am allergic. I was pleasantly surprised when I was in Walmart the other day to find a new, USDA-certified organic lip balm by Eos in the scent Honeydew Melon that was soy-free. The scent comes from fruit extract only, and I am grateful that I still get to enjoy my favorite lip balm with no consequences.

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Tom's of Maine Deodorant

I am a Mainer, but I love Tom's for many more reasons than just that. It is an aluminum-free, safe deodorant, and the fragrance comes from essential oils. I enjoy using Apricot, but there are manly options available too for the guys.

Unscented Clearly Natural Essentials Glycerine Bar Soap

This soap lasts for a very long time so it is budget friendly. A single bar lasted me through one semester of college while my roommates went through 3+ liquid hand soaps and a variety of other soaps. My skin always feels soft after using it. I get mine on Amazon.

Calendula Salve

Calendula is an herbal salve that is a safe alternative to wound care and treatment if you are sensitive to drug store brands. Every time I use it my cuts heal more quickly than when I don't.


This salve is no longer cheap due to rising iodine prices, but it is a must have if you are prone to hang nails, cuts that don't heal, and other skin issues. I have used it to dissolve zits, drain the infection from hang nails, and other topical skin issues. It is worth every penny, and one jar will last you a long time.

Lily Lolo BB Cream

My skin has always been a bit on the dry side, and this Lily Lolo BB cream is a must have for dry skin. It has very natural tint that leaves your complexion dewy and fresh without using fillers like silicon.

We only have one body to live in the rest of our days. We must be proactive and think about every product we put on our skin because our skin is the biggest organ of all. We would not eat many of the products we put on our skin and yet they are absorbed into our system whether we taste them or not. The Environmental Worker's Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is a great resource for finding out more about toxicity levels in every day personal care products.

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