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Top 10 Natural Resources for Healing Adrenal Fatigue

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In my journey through adrenal fatigue, I have healed and continue to heal. It can be overwhelming to know where to start once you find out that your adrenals are close to burn-out. That is why I am sharing my top 10 favorite resources with you today that have all acted together to heal my adrenals. Addressing your lifestyle is another crucial factor in recovering from adrenal fatigue. You can read my post on that here.


1. Gaia Adrenal Jumpstart and Gaia Adrenal Daily Support

Adaptogenic herbs are an incredible resource for healing the adrenals. Because these herbs are adaptogenic, your body only takes what it needs. Whether you have suffered extreme or slight adrenal damage makes no difference with this supplement from nature. That is because these adaptogenic herbs work in a complex healing synergy with your body to strengthen your adrenals. Your body only takes what it needs, and this gentle healing doesn’t place unnecessary stress upon your already exhausted adrenals to re-build too quickly. The beauty of adaptogenic herbs is that they listen to your body and obey all of its commands.

2. Gaia Nightly Restore

The adaptogenic herbs in this supplement calm and restore your body’s natural sleep cycles which are often disrupted in adrenal fatigue. Until I got my circadian rhythms back into a regular cycle, this supplement helped me to get restful sleep every night! I have weaned myself off it now for the most part!

3. Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson

I highly recommend this book as an informative read on adrenal fatigue. Dr. Wilson is an expert, but he writes in a way that informs the reader without overwhelming them. His advice is easy to follow, and his lifestyle tips will get your adrenals on the fast track to recovery.

4. Meo Energetics Cortisol Brakes

Our adrenals are similar in function to the gas pedal in our car. They produce the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline that flood our system with the necessary rush to get away from dangerous situations. However, our pedal-to-the-metal glands can’t run on fumes any better than our cars can. In a heightened stress response controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, our bodies’ response to stress becomes over-stimulated from constant use. Our adrenals begin to wear out, and the amount of stress hormones in our bloodstream can create problems. This essential oil blend by Meo Energetics acts to lower our cortisol levels by putting the brake on this over-stimulating stress response. This is called the hyper-cortisol pattern, and this is what was largely responsible for my adrenal fatigue. This essential oil blend retrains the brain’s itchy trigger finger about when and when not to pull the trigger. You can read more about it on their website here.

5. Pure Synergy Vitamin C Complex

Vitamin C is one of the key building blocks that the adrenals need to function properly. The more cortisol you make, the more your body’s reserves of vitamin C are depleted. I experienced great results from using this Vitamin C complex from Pure Synergy because the entire C complex is intact, unlike ascorbic acid and other synthetic forms that are marketed as vitamin C.

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6. Organically Bound Minerals by Standard Process

In adrenal fatigue, your body’s storage of essential minerals is severely depleted. Without these stores, your body uses minerals up very quickly. When my body received adequate minerals from the Organically Bound Minerals supplement by Standard Process, I experienced my first surge of energy in my adrenal fatigue journey.

7. Celtic Sea salt

One of the first signs of adrenal fatigue is a craving for salt. However, processed salt is bleached and stripped of its natural benefits through a chemical process. White table salt is hard on your kidneys, and Chinese medicine acknowledges a relationship between the kidneys and the adrenals. That is why Celtic sea salt is a wiser dietary choice. Let’s return to the way nature intended us to eat salt! Dr. Wilson recommends satiating your salt cravings as long as you don’t have hypertension for reasons he names in this article.

8. Low-Glycemic diet

Because our adrenals produce hormones that regulate our blood sugar, any sugar intake places extreme stress on the adrenals which is exactly what we want to avoid in a state of adrenal fatigue. Many experts on adrenal health, including Dr. Wilson and Dr. Christianson, implement a low-glycemic diet with all of their patients. Avoiding foods that are high on the glycemic index allows our adrenals to rest and heal without undue dietary stress.

9. Dr. Alan Christianson

Dr. Christianson is another informative resource on adrenal fatigue. He wrote “The Adrenal Reset Diet”, and his articles and webinars are very interesting. I would encourage you to use him as another resource in your adrenal fatigue research.

10. Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver Complex (Contains Thiamine)

Thiamine is the water-soluble, B1 vitamin. It doesn’t build up in the body’s reserves for this reason. However, research shows that thiamine can be instrumental in reversing fatigue associated with various endocrine gland disorders (including the adrenals) and autoimmune diseases. I have always had severely low levels of vitamin B despite my attempts to supplement my intake of B vitamins. Then I discovered this supplement, and it has literally changed my life. My insomnia is gone for the first time ever as well as my extreme, debilitating fatigue. The only theory I can offer is that my body recognized it as a food and absorbed the B vitamins well because of that. Hey, I’d rather take a capsule then eat beef liver any day, and liver is one of the highest dietary sources of B vitamins.

I hope that all of the resources, supplements, and dietary changes that I personally have incorporated to reverse my adrenal fatigue will benefit you in your journey as well! There is a lot of controversy and myth permeating the adrenals, but it is worth it if you can dig to the root of your adrenal health problems. It is possible, and don’t ever give up in your quest to find answers! Your adrenals will thank you!

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