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The Super Easy Way to Learn Everything About Fitness After 50

Fitness After 50

Turning 50 is a milestone for everyone, but now there is another reason for you to believe that life begins at 50! flip50™ may help you achieve fitness after 50 by focusing on fitness, diet, and overall lifestyle goals. You can achieve your best body and lifestyle yet after 50! (This post was brought to you in partnership with/sponsored by flip50™. My experience and opinions are my own.)


A 50th birthday marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, and many people dedicated to becoming the healthiest and fittest version of themselves after 50 are achieving these goals thanks to flip50. The flip50 program acts like a digital companion that you can take with you anywhere to transform fitness after 50. If you’ve ever been frustrated at the lack of fitness and lifestyle apps for fitness after 50 then look no further. For the first time, you can use an app modified to suit your individual needs so join the flip50 community today!

flip50 Is The Secret to Getting Fit After 50

At 50 it is still possible to get your dream body and live the way you were born to live by making healthier lifestyle choices including adjustments to your diet and fitness routine. flip50 understands that rest and relaxation are also vital to achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. With flip50, you can find the perfect pace to suit your needs with a highly personalized mobile app program. The flip50 program focuses on: nutrition, fitness and rest, and relaxation. This is the foundation upon which you will base your journey to a fitter, healthier version of yourself. Let’s take a closer look at how flip50 helps you to accomplish your goals by addressing this trio.

Get Fit After 50 With Personalized Nutrition

flip50 features healthy meal and snack ideas that address and incorporate nutrition on top of your fitness and relaxation activities. It is seamlessly integrated in a day-by-day plan. With flip50, you can take baby steps every week until you’ve completed your healthy diet transformation.

Get Fit After 50 with A Routine of Fitness and Rest

flip50 features access to over 10,000 gyms and classes at fitness locations across the country, with paid subscription. The app acts as a digital companion so that you can receive expert advice from the professionals whether you are working out from home or at the gym. The flip50 program doesn’t stop with just fitness because the experts know that rest is a crucial component to an active lifestyle.

Get Fit After 50 with Relaxation

flip50 provides a monthly $20 voucher and features access to 17,000+ providers of alternative therapies nationwide including massage and acupuncture to help you de-stress because stress is a killer. Vouchers are not currently available in all states, so make sure to check the website for details. For specific terms, limitations and details, visit the flip50 website at myflip50.com

With the great discounts that a full flip50 subscription offers, now you can afford to give yourself some much deserved “me-time” while maintaining fitness after 50.

Be Social with flip50

Another unique feature of flip50 is that you can inspire others by sharing your journey or you can “Invite a Friend” to join you! That is another great way to stay motived!

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flip50 is Receiving Rave 5 Star Reviews

flip50 has many rave 5-star reviews on the Google Playstore with a 4.8 star review average. On the Apple store, the app received a 5 out of 5 review score. Reviewers frequently describe the app as “intuitive”, “easy to use”, and “fun”. The flip50 app is available for downloading to your device at the Google Playstore and Apple store. Now you can flip your life after 50 for the better at the touch of a button! Check out these 5-star reviews from the Google Playstore and Apple store:

“Simple to use, liked it more than I thought. I now look forward to seeing new ideas and prompts each day. Great for a busy life.” - R.S.

“Flip 50 is lifestyle!! It’s way more than an app. Gives access to thousands of gyms plus wellness tips and tricks and amazing recipes…to say the least. It keeps you going with everyday notifications about exercise videos and food choices. And it cost the same or less than most single gym membership…what more can I ask for? I love the app and use it almost everyday to check on new healthy meal options and quick exercise videos that are perfect for my age.” - M.K.

The flip50 program understands that you need personal encouragement and motivation to meet and exceed your goals to get fit after 50. That is why it provides daily prompts and more to get you going on your journey to a better you.

Check out flip50’s website to learn more and become a member today!

Personal Disclosure Statement

I am a certified Nutritional Therapist Technician, and I graduated from the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health in 2016. The classes I took prepared me to support anyone on their health journey by providing educated assistance concerning the proper ways to obtain the essential elements of nutrition and maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself at any age given the proper nutrition, rest, and exercise routine. I consider the flip50 app to be a helpful tool to support anyone over 50 on their health journey. EmaxHealth does not support or endorse any products. This information is not substitutable to medical professional care.

My Favorite Aspect of the flip50 App

What I personally like best about the app so far is how convenient it is to begin addressing a healthier, more active lifestyle. You can access every tool you need in one app. For example, the app encouraged an active lifestyle with different types of walks, how to curb cravings, mindfulness, how to prepare protein packed meals and low-calorie comfort foods, and a weekly summary. What’s not to love about all of that, right?

Whether you are: a) someone who wants to exercise but has difficulty staying motivated, b) someone who wants to prioritize your health but feels too busy, or c) someone who needs creative solutions to get fit after 50 because of injuries or limitations, the flip50 app will be an easy digital companion to meet all of your needs!


In conclusion, flip50 helps you to flip the script on life after 50. Live outside of the box and take full advantage of all the adventure that life has to offer because age is just a number. You can experience the healthiest, fittest, and best days of your life yet so visit the website to learn all of the benefits today!