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Succeed at Diabetes Prevention and Type 2 Diabetes Treatment with Lysulin® Nutritional Supplement

Diabetes Prevention

On November 12th, 2018 Lysulin® Inc. officially announced the launch of an all-natural, nutritional supplement specifically formulated for patients with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. With Lysulin®, you can succeed at diabetes prevention and type 2 diabetes treatment! This breakthrough formula was developed by Dexcom Founder and CEO, Dr. John F. Burd, Ph.D. Dr. Burd is a foremost authority and expert in the medical and biotechnology field with over 30 years of personal experience in glucose monitoring technology.


How Does Lysulin® Work?

This patent-pending breakthrough formulation helps to shield human proteins from glucose toxicity by including 3 carefully balanced, essential nutrients: Lysine, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Over 20 years of independent research has clearly shown these ingredients to lower blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c levels while at the same time improving the lipid profile. (1) Recent double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study results revealed that significant reductions in A1c test levels were observed in people taking Lysulin® in comparison to people taking a placebo.

How the Ingredients of Lysulin® Interact for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Lysulin® is a dietary supplement providing all-natural, nutritional support for diabetes patients and pre-diabetes patients in the form of an easy-to-take, chewable tablet. Here is a breakdown of how the ingredients all were shown to reduce blood sugar levels. Thus, these nutrients are a must-have for diabetes prevention.


Lysine is an essential amino acid that research has shown to react with glucose to lower levels of glycated protein and elevated blood sugar levels. Amino acids have been called the building blocks of life because they form the proteins that sustain life.


In a one year study conducted on patients with prediabetes, those who received supplemental zinc daily reduced their fasting plasma glucose and in their two-hour oral glucose tolerance test. Those same study participants also experienced significant reductions in insulin resistance at the 6 and 12 months intervals compared to the participants on a placebo. During the follow-up period of a year on both groups of study participants, the Placebo group developed diabetes (25.0%) at a much greater percentage compared to the Zinc group (11.0%). That is a 14% difference determined by a daily supplemental intake of Zinc. Interestingly, another benefit that the Zinc group experienced was a substantial reduction in their total FPG, OGTT, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol.

Vitamin C

This vitamin and vital nutrient has also been shown by research to reduce fasting glucose levels. Combined with the other two ingredients that have been shown to do the same, no wonder Lysulin® works!

What Are the Benefits of Lysulin®?

  • Gluten free
  • Supports Diabetes Prevention
  • Supports Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
  • Easy to take in a chewable tablet form
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Available without prescription over the counter
  • All-Natural
  • Scientific, Nutritional formula
  • Clinically tested

What Does Diabetes Look Like in the Body?

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When diabetes ravages the body, glucose in the blood attaches to proteins, affecting the protein’s functions by changing their structure. Medically, this process is known as protein glycation, which many experts believe to be the primary cause of insulin resistance and complications from diabetes including blindness, kidney damage, and nerve damage. One strategy of diabetes prevention would be to attempt to prevent insulin resistance because of protein glycation. After the Lysulin® has bound to the glucose to prevent it from causing protein glycation, it is safely excreted from your body through urine.

One example of these glycated proteins is Hemoglobin A1c, and this is why A1c levels are measured to determine the average blood glucose over a period of three months. Physicians also use the A1c test to monitor and measure the success of diabetes therapy and treatment. Remarkably, just a 1% reduction in A1c results in the reduction of diabetes-related deaths by 21%, the risk of microvascular complications by 37%, and the risk of myocardial infarction by 14%. (2, 3) Maintenance of healthy A1c levels subsequently reduces the risk of severe, long-term complications of Type 2 diabetes. Due to this fact, Lysulin®, Inc. also offers a convenient and easy to use, “At Home A1c Test”, that has been approved by the FDA. Prior to taking Lysulin®, it is recommended to test your A1c levels so that you can test yourself again a month later, compare your results, and witness the benefits of Lysulin® for yourself!

Lysulin® Patient Testimonials

Here is what patients have to say about Lysulin®:

“When I started taking Lysulin® on 4/30/18, my A1c was at 6.8%. On 5/30/18, after both low carb eating and three Lysulin® daily, my A1c was down to 6%. That’s quite a drop for only 30 days! I’m very happy about it!” ~ Carla M. from San Diego, California

“I have had Type 2 diabetes since May 2017, and I have managed it with diet and exercise which in turn helped lose substantial weight. My HbA1c was 7.4 in October of 2017. I tested my HbA1c with the home HbA1c test kit on 9-16-18 and it was 6.6%. I started taking Lysulin® and on 11-12-18 the lab tested my HbA1c and it had dropped to 6.2%. My A1c is lower and really important, my glucose is steady/even … great job, thank you.” ~ Anita D. from Naples, Florida

According to Dr. John F. Burd, Ph.D. and CEO of Lysulin, Inc., “Lysulin® is delivering remarkable results in nutritional support for people concerned with diabetes. Nutrition is a critical component of diabetes management and prevention and we are committed to delivering the most innovative formulation, backed by science, to help support a proactive approach to diabetic-related health.”

Dr. John F. Burd is certainly qualified to deliver this scientifically proven, innovative formulation with over 30 years of experience in glucose monitoring technology, as the founder and CEO of Dexcom, and for achieving wide renown for his brilliant work in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. The Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) inducted Dr. Burd into the Hall of Fame in 2005 after he won the Ullman prize for innovation in clinical chemistry.


In conclusion, Lysulin® is a dietary supplement providing all-natural, nutritional support for diabetes patients and pre-diabetes patients in the form of an easy-to-take, chewable tablet. Not only does Lysulin® help to treat Type 2 diabetes, but it also is helpful for diabetes prevention. Now you can live the life you love because Lysulin® is pioneering a proactive approach to nutritional support for diabetes management and prevention. Plus, you can purchase it right at Walmart! For further information about the benefits of Lysulin® and purchasing Lysulin®, please visit their website by clicking here.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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