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Stop Wasting Time and Money: Start Inhalable Nutrients


What if there was a way you could absorb the nutrition your body needed just by breathing? Thanks to Nutriair, now you can and also save time and money in the process by starting inhalable nutrients! Nutriair is a revolutionary device that delivers inhalable nutrients through the fascinating process of micro-aerosolization!


Meet Nutriair: An Innovative Inhalable Nutrient Device!

Nutriair is an innovative device dedicated to revolutionizing the way your body thrives by receiving the nutrition it needs. Nutriair is devoted to safety, efficacy, and transparency regarding their company and products. Nutriair makes your life easier by delivering complex nutrients through a simple inhalation device so that your body can get the most nutrients in the fastest time possible. Nutriair’s revolutionary design allows you to take it with you anywhere, making it ideal for all lifestyles.

The Benefits of Nutriair’s Inhalable Nutrients

Affordability - Each Nutriair device is highly affordable, and one will last you approximately 1-3 weeks depending on the product and dosage required for your body. Because the nutrients are inhaled, you can supplement with lower doses opposed to other methods.

Convenience - Nutriair devices are small enough to fit conveniently into your pocket, allowing you the freedom to live your life without the hassle of pillboxes, energy drinks, and complicated instructions to follow. Now you can enjoy a faster and better way to absorb your nutrients simply by inhaling at any time!

Purity - Nutriair contains no nicotine and no tobacco. All Nutriair oils are also gluten-free, alcohol-free, and sugar-free. Your lungs will thank you for taking care of them while at the same time providing the rest of your body with the nutrition it needs to help you function at your best on a daily basis!

Variety - What are you missing out on in your life? Do you want more sleep, better focus, richer relaxation, stronger immunity, improved recovery time, reduced cravings, or stronger nutrients? There is a Nutriair device for that! Nutriair features a variety of different products divided into health and flavor series designed to meet all of your lifestyle needs.

Efficiency - Nutriair delivers potent nutrition quickly through the fascinating process of micro-aerosolization. You will experience the benefits at a much faster rate than other supplements because the nutrients bypass the digestion process.

Interview with the Founder and CEO of Nutriair

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I had the privilege of conducting an interview with Nutriair’s founder and CEO, Josh Matzkin. Josh is an athlete, and he wanted a more natural way for his body to sustain energy without relying on energy drinks. Nutriair was the solution he developed along with a chemist. Now it is his personal, inhalable life aid.

Kaitlin: Where are your ingredients sourced?
Josh Matzkin: We work with U.S. based, FDA registered, nutritional supplement manufacturers who source the nutritional supplements found in our products. We make sure that all of the ingredients are 100% USP grade. Before making our products, testing is completed on each individual ingredient to make sure that it is: (a) what the supplier says it is, and (b) free of contaminants such as bacteria, mold and pesticides. After the nutritional supplements are mixed and the manufacturing process is completed, we conduct additional testing to provide a certificate of analysis attesting to the quality of the product.
Kaitlin: Can you please explain the process of micro-aerosolization in detail?
Josh Matzkin: Simply speaking, nutritional supplements are heated in our device until they turn into a very fine aerosol (250-450 nm in dimeter) and inhaled. Inhaling the nutrients delivers them to directly to the alveolar area of the lung and from there directly to the blood stream. There are multiple advantages:

1. Nutrient inhalation is a more bioavailable route of administration than ingestion (that is, the nutrients are more readily absorbed) and less invasive than intravenous.

2. There are virtually no side effects, no stress on the liver, no dietary complications such as an upset stomach, and no need to worry about individual metabolic differences that may limit nutrient effectiveness because of varying levels of gastrointestinal absorption.

3. Lower doses are required because nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

4. Nutrients with large molecules that have very low absorption rates can be absorbed in significant quantities, because the lungs offer an enormous absorptive surface area (100 m2) and a highly permeable membrane (0.2–0.7 µm thickness) in the alveolar region. 

5. The effects are almost immediate because the nutrients do not have to be absorbed by the digestive tract.
Kaitlin: Why do you not recommend Nutriair products for pregnant women, lactating women, and individuals suffering from a respiratory illness?
Josh Matzkin: Pregnant women, lactating women, and individuals suffering from a respiratory illness should take nutritional supplements ONLY with a health care provider’s direct recommendation.  This is a general rule for all nutritional supplements regardless of the route of delivery.
Kaitlin: What material(s) are the Nutriair containers made from?
Josh Matzkin: Some Nutriair containers of made from stainless-steel and others from a non-BPA high temperature polymer plastic.
Kaitlin: Have there been any scientific studies or tests conducted on your products or are you planning on conducting any in the future?
Josh Matzkin: Yes and yes. Two of our best-selling products, Energy and Sleep, have been tested for fibrosis (scarring of the lungs) and cytotoxicity (damage to cells) at a U.S. biomedical testing laboratory. In that test, living human lung tissue exposed to the aerosols showed NO fibrosis or cytotoxicity. Long-term studies are in the works to see if there are any problems with exposures over months and years, but these tests take a long time.  Additional products will also be tested for short and long terms. We have also conducted testing to verify that nutritional supplements can be aerosolized using our delivery system.
Kaitlin: Would there be a toxic effect if someone accidentally consumed more than the recommended inhalations from Nutriair products?
Josh Matzkin: All our products are safe for human consumption and are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) List.  Furthermore, the amount of each of our ingredients is well within the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).  And the ingredient caffeine is well within the guidance limits and cannot be overdosed.

Kaitlin: Would medical respiratory conditions such as asthma inhibit or reduce the benefits of Nutriair?
Josh Matzkin: That is a medical question that can only be answered by a medical practitioner for a specific individual’s circumstances and condition.  Again, regardless of whether a nutritional product is inhaled or ingested, a medical practitioner should be consulted as to the whether an individual’s situation limits or reduces any benefits.


In conclusion, Nutriair may prove to be a valuable supplemental source for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills, athletes on the go, and anyone who wants to save both time and money while providing their body with the nutrition they crave. Take the road to health and wellness with Nutriair today by trying inhalable nutrients!