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Stem Cell Revolution: Why Stem Cell Therapy is the Future of Medicine

Stem cells

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach in regenerative medicine that is breaking ground with rapid strides in the medical world. In his new book, Stem Cell Revolution, Joseph Christiano N.D. reveals why stem cell therapy is the future of medicine as he demystifies this fascinating healing process that empowers people to experience relief while reversing the effects of degenerative disease without negative side effects.


About Joseph Christiano

Joseph Christiano is a Naturopathic doctor, certified nutritional counselor, renowned health and fitness expert, and the author of several books in the fields of exercise and nutrition. He utilized the potent benefits of stem cell therapy to overcome his own sports injuries and chronic pain.

Adult Stem Cells are NOT Embryonic

Embryonic stem cell research is often the first thing that enters the minds of Christians and followers of other religions at the mention of stem cell therapy. However, Joseph Christiano does a stellar job at clarifying his position on embryonic stem cell research and explaining why adult stem cell therapy can be conducted in a manner that satisfies the moral and ethical standards of those opposed to the use of embryonic stem cells.

“Our adult stem cells are our bodies natural repair crews. Adult stems can be isolated or extracted from certain areas of one’s own body (without involving embryonic stem cells from a terminated fetus).”
- Joseph Christiano, Stem Cell Revolution, pages 14-15

Disruptive Technology

Stem cell therapy is an example of disruptive technology that is revolutionary and will replace many older methods. Joseph Christiano, N.D., explains in his book why stem cell therapy is the next big thing for repairing and healing injuries from sports, auto accidents, trauma, the aging process, and degenerative illnesses such as diabetes, liver damage, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and heart disease.

“Adult stem cell therapy and activators are two of the new disruptive technologies and therapies in regenerative medicine that will be the game changers for us all. They are revolutionizing the way we think about our health, and that is the reason I’ve titled this book Stem Cell Revolution…keep in mind that the world we live in is moving at a supersonic pace. Don’t miss your chance to get on board with these new disruptive technologies. I want you to know that there is hope of acquiring quicker healing, faster recovery from injuries, and reversing the negative effects of degenerative diseases.”

- Joseph Christiano, Stem Cell Revolution, page XXI

What Is A Stem Cell?

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Did you know that your own body holds the power to heal you? The key lies in the billions of cells that comprise your body, specifically a group of cells known as stem cells. These cells have a secret mission: they are unspecialized. Under the right conditions, stem cells can reproduce themselves by dividing and are able to become cells with specialized functions, such as nerve, kidney, or heart stem cells. In Stem Cell Revolution, Joseph Christiano N.D. explores in detail why he believes stem cell therapy will become the treatment of choice for regenerative and orthopedic medicine as well as in the treatment of many degenerative diseases.

Joseph Christiano’s Stem Cell Story

The road that led Joseph Christiano to be a stem cell advocate started out as a patient of stem cell therapy. He suffered with chronic, debilitating pain from years of athletic activities including football and professional weight lifting that wreaked havoc on his neck and back. His quality of life was very poor until he discovered stem cell therapy and experienced relief and healing from just one treatment. In his book, he shares more about his healing journey which sparked a passion to help others finding the same relief through stem cell therapy.

Medical Miracles

The author’s mother, Helen Christiano Guardino, suffered from heart failure, diabetes, and kidney disease for the latter part of her elderly years. However, upon taking adult stem cell activators, her kidneys did not drop in function. She was able to evade dialysis for two and a half years until her death at the ripe old age of 92.

Our own vice president, Mike Pence, addressed adult stem cell therapy in this statement: “ Ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some sixty-seven medical miracles.”

Stem Cell Activators

Joseph Christiano N.D. explains the science behind 26 stem cell activators in Stem Cell Revolution. While stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, it can come at a cost. Sometimes our stem cells need rejuvenating from within. With the help of supplemental stem cell activators that the author sells on his website, specific to organs and bodily systems, you can repair and invigorate your own stem cells into healing action! Through the supplementation of these stem cell activators, dozens of patients have experienced miraculous healing from COPD, diabetes, congestive heart failure, ulcerative colitis, neuropathy, lyme disease, obesity, and many more. Their testimonies are all chronicled in Stem Cell Revolution. Take the case of Kenny from San Diego, for example, whose testimonial is one of many included in the book:

“Being on dialysis for months and on a kidney transplant list can make anyone afraid of their future. After taking the stem cell activators for my kidneys, I eventually came off dialysis. Thank you so much for your research.”


In conclusion, Joseph Christiano N.D. believes we have two basic choices about our health. He says in Stem Cell Revolution that we can choose to be proactive about our health by preventing problems or we can react when they arrive. His life motto is: “Being a faithful caretaker of your health is not an option but an obligation!” I agree with him 100%. We owe it to ourselves to lead healthy and fulfilling lives because life is a sacred gift we cannot take for granted. I highly recommend Stem Cell Revolution to anyone interested in a professional opinion on stem cell therapy that is both informative and enriched by personal experience. Joseph Christiano N.D. covers this new and somewhat controversial topic on the medical scene with passion and professionalism.

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What product would you recommend for lower back pain (sciatic). Pain in not chronic. Just acute at certain times. I am 71 and generally in good health. I am retired with minimal stress and usually active.
Hi Allan! I am not a doctor so I hesitate to recommend anything for your condition especially because there can be multiple causes of sciatic nerve pain. However, on Dr. Christiano's website, it says that his adult stem cell activator for the central and peripheral nervous system is for nerve damage. In a customer review, the person experienced relief from lower back pain by taking this product. The product is: Adult Stem Cell Activator Central and Peripheral Nervous System. The website is Body Redesigning dot net. I hope this helps! I would definitely research several of the adult stem cell activators pertaining to your specific condition whether your sciatic nerve pain is caused by herniated discs or another reason etc. I am not making any guarantees that this product will work for you, but I thought you might like to research it. Blessings, Kaitlin Covel