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Revolutionize Your Bedtime With These Easy-peasy Better Sleep Tips

Better Sleep Tips

There is a bad bedtime habit that 90% of Americans are guilty of practicing according to the Sleep Foundation. The term “glamping” was coined to describe the common habit people practice when they binge on social media late at night. Sleep expert and co-founder of sustainable sleep bedding company Cloudten, Zack Holland, joins us today with some easy-peasy better sleep tips.


Sleep Foundation Poll Results

Research from the Sleep Foundation has revealed that 90% of Americans are guilty of glamping and failing to prioritize their sleep. The habit of scrolling through your social media feed late at night is detrimental to your sleep because it creates sleep deficiency and a higher rate of inefficiency. Researchers discovered that glampers only achieved a productivity rate of 46% compared to people who prioritized their sleep and achieved 90% of their goals the following day. The better sleep tips we are going to share with you today will help you to form healthier lifestyle habits.

Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is critical for rest, recovery, and repair. Our body is like a big battery that drains throughout the day. If we do not prioritize the time to recharge at night by getting adequate sleep, then we will be risking our health in more ways than one.

Research shows that when the body is awake for extended periods of time that the metabolic cycle is disrupted. This disruption creates an imbalance of vital antioxidants that help to ward off the aging process. Sleep deprivation will not only lead to faster aging, but heightens your risk for a host of other health problems including weakened immunity, diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, memory problems, mood changes, heart disease, and a lowered sex drive. The experts recommend that everyone should get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Interview with Cloudten Co-Founder, Zack Holland

I had the honor and the privilege of conducting an interview with Zack Holland, co-founder, and chief marketing officer for Cloudten, regarding what makes their sleep sustainable bedding so unique and environmentally responsible. Zack is a sleep expert and designer of Cloudten, an innovative lifestyle brand creating sustainable sleep and bedding products. Today he will also share some of his favorite better sleep tips with us.

Kaitlin: Could you describe for us the manufacturing process behind your sustainable, non-toxic bedding?

Zack Holland: Here at Cloudten we decided to bite the mythical bullet and settle for less favorable margins because we truly believe that sleeping on bedding that is ethical, sustainable, and naturally made is better for not only the environment but the individual. You’re rolling around in your sheets for 1/3 of your life - sleeping on material doused in chemicals and put together by someone in an inhumane situation is going to affect you.

That’s why we decided to produce our bedding in Israel, the only place where you can create Egyptian Cotton products (the cotton can’t travel so you can’t produce Egyptian Cotton in the USA, for example), that actually has first-world standards for facility workers, from minimum wage and paid time off to maternity leave. Further, our facility uses all-natural dyes, never chemical washes the sheets (which many do to achieve an out of the box softness), and the entire place runs all on bio-steam, burning no fossil fuels.

The bedding is all hand-checked for quality and made to get softer and more comfortable with each and every wash, like your favorite pair of jeans.

The end result is a product that has been made ethically, feels amazing, and will last for a long, long time.

Kaitlin: How is your cotton sourced?

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Our cotton is sustainably grown and responsibly sourced in Israel and travels directly from the farm to our facility in less than two days.

Zack Holland: Could you please tell us more about how your company gives to those in need?

While very few customers ever return their Cloudten products, we offer a no questions asked, satisfaction guaranteed 100-night trial - and if a customer does ever return the product, we work with non-profit partners to donate the material that is used to make helpful products for those less fortunate. Also, for each sheet set sold, Cloudten works with Project Linus to give a homemade blanket to a child spending extended time in the hospital - because we know the difference a comfortable piece of bedding can make in someone’s life.

Kaitlin: Your company believes in living a non-toxic lifestyle by avoiding chemicals as much as possible. What mattress does CloudTen recommend for healthy sleep?

Zack Holland: Tricky question! We don’t have a proffered mattress company - but we have many compatriots in the fight to make the bed and bedding industry modern and interesting - from Casper and Tuft and Needle, to Tomorrow and Lull.

Kaitlin: Do you have any other suggestions for creating the perfect sleep routine and environment?

Zack Holland: Definitely!

1. Avoid phones and TV’s for an hour before you go to sleep - take the time to read, play an instrument, or meditate (I use Breathe and absolutely love it)

2. Surround yourself with comfortable, calming products that don’t have strong feelings attached to them (photos of family, etc should be out in the living room, while a good candle and a book have a place in the bedroom).

3. Plants! Check out our blog post with the amazing company The Sill on how plants can aid in restful sleep.

More Better Sleep Tips

Zack Holland also recommends incorporating the following lifestyle habits into your daily routine for a better night of sleep. He believes a consistent bedtime routine is critical.

  • 10 hours before bed try to stay away from caffeine
  • 3 hours before bed keep away from food and alcohol
  • 2 hours before bed abstain from work
  • 1 hour before bed turn off your screens

“Have a consistent routine! You spend a third of your life in bed, on average; the fabric touching your skin should be chemical-free and made in a healthy and holistic environment. Don’t allow people into your space who you don’t trust or who make you anxious. It’s a sacred space, leave it that way.” - Zack Holland, Sleep Expert and Co-Founder of Cloudten.


In conclusion, Cloudten is a revolutionary, sustainable sleep bedding company that takes pride in giving you sweet dreams and helping you to prioritize your sleep. These better sleep tips will help you to achieve the deep, restorative sleep that your body craves because you deserve to float away on a cloud of oblivion every night!