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New Eczema Product Line by Kamedis Produces Amazing Clinical Results 

Kamedis botanical extract patented process

Eczema affects 35 million Americans, and 10-20% of this alarming statistic includes children who suffer from this chronic skin condition on a daily basis. Kamedis is a revolutionary skincare line dedicated to bringing relief to a variety of skin conditions including dandruff, eczema, dry skin, scaly skin, itchy skin, and scalp. Their upcoming eczema product line has produced amazing clinical results. 


According to Kamedis Ltd.’s website:

“Our botanicals are carefully chosen for their soothing properties that restore balance to the skin. Kamedis has a unique botanical extraction technique that delivers highly potent extracts to relieve the skin in a natural manner. Our herbal skin care products are created with care and with your sensitive skin in mind. All products are Paraben free, Steroid-free, and formulated for men, women & children.”

I had the privilege of conducting a written interview with Roni Kramer, the founder of Kamedis, and Dr. Dan Siegal, a Kamedis Dermatologist, concerning the Kamedis brand and their soon-to-be released Eczema product line.

About Roni Kramer, the Founder of Kamedis:

Roni has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbology. Many of her clients came to her seeking answers for chronic skin conditions that were aggravated by the side-effects of conventional treatments. She embarked upon years of research to find safe and effective natural treatments, and her company Kamedis was born.

Me: What is your top seller and why?

Roni Kramer: It’s a tie between our anti-dandruff and eczema products. Kamedis eczema cream provides immediate itch relief, reduces other flare up symptoms by 50% in 2 weeks, and is safe for long-term use. Consistent use will help restore the skin barrier and its natural protection function.

Kamedis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Scalp Lotion provide significant relief of moderate to severe symptoms, as shown by clinical study. These products also lack the resistance problems seen in medicated products, so there is no need to switch between products. The active ingredients in the alternative medicated shampoo can have side effects. Salicylic acids may cause burning and redness, while Ketoconazole (anti-fungal) may cause hair discoloration, abnormal hair texture, and even hair loss if used long term. Other products containing coal tar tend to have an unpleasant tar odor.

I believe that the acne regimen we are launching soon will quickly become one of our top sellers due to its new approach combatting a wide range of symptoms, being Benzoyl free, and the fast relief of lesions it provides after only three applications.

Me: I understand dandruff to be a liver issue. Does your anti-dandruff shampoo work by addressing the liver with the botanical ingredients?

Roni Kramer: Kamedis Anti-dandruff Shampoo and Scalp Lotion work on the scalp by regulating the excess sebum secretion and by addressing the Malassezia yeast and inflammation involved in Seborrheic dermatitis dandruff. Using Zinc Phyritione with botanicals, known for thousands of years in Chinese pharmacopeia for treating this condition, is a powerful solution covering a wide range of symptoms related to dandruff.

While dandruff can be considered a liver issue from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, depending on the appearance of the dandruff as well as the scalp and face condition, our topical products do not penetrate the skin and/or affect anything internally.
Interestingly, however, all botanicals we are using in these formulations do address the liver and lungs when taken internally.

Me: Why did you use a fragrance instead of an essential oil in your foot gel?

Roni Kramer: My understanding is that essential oils are allergenic. (See https://medlicker.com/1337-) The fragrance we use contains no known allergens. This is important for damaged or compromised skin, where allergens may cause a problem.

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Me: Are your products known to adversely affect homeopathic remedies?

Roni Kramer: There are no known adverse effects from using Kamedis and homeopathic remedies simultaneously. I am familiar with a number of people who use both, and none have reported any problems.

Me: Due to the tremendous results listed on your website will Kamedis' new eczema line be offered in retail locations upon release as well as online?

Roni Kramer: Yes, it will be available in limited retail locations. We will update our website as we add new retailers.

Me: Are your products gluten-free and soy-free?

Roni Kramer: There are no soy or gluten components in our raw materials. However, our manufacturer does not have Gluten/Soy free certificates.

Me: To which ingredients do you attribute the success behind your eczema product line and why?

Dr. Dan Siegel: Rhubarb, best know for it roles in pie and haute cuisine, has been used for autoimmune diseases for a long time; its’ Latin name contains “rheum”. It is thought that emotion, its major component, inhibits 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX)-catalysed leukotriene production.

Sanguisorba officinalis - Great Burnet has been used in some Asian cultures to treat eczema and may also help manage wrinkles.

Ailanthus altissima - Tree of heaven, immortalized in western culture in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, is considered a waste weed by many, but it is widely used as medicine in China. It has been used for asthma, part of the atopic spectrum. It is also very “free” as it is a nuisance that may now have a practical use.

Scutellaria baicalensis - Baikal Skullcap - another well known TCM plant is often part of a decoction for eczema where it appears to modulate the immune response that is part of the disease.

Cnidium monnieri - Cnidium Fruit is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice - well known for its potentiation of corticosteroid effects and inherent anti-inflammatory properties.

Kamedis’ new Eczema product line will include a Calming Lotion, Eczema Therapy Wash, and Eczema Therapy Cream, and they are releasing a new Acne product line as well. Kamedis launches in the United States in January of 2018 along with their new product lines. Other Kamedis products are available on their website at https://kamedis-usa.com/, and they will be updating their website with new U.S. retail locations.

In conclusion, Kamedis has been generous enough to provide me with samples including some from their new eczema product line. I have eczema, and I am eager to experience the benefits of Kamedis for myself. I will be updating this post with my results so stay tuned!

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