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How to Turn Your Dementia Home Support From Zero to Hero in Australia

dementia home support

Dementia is a disease that robs individuals of dignity, but that doesn’t have to be the case. One of the many benefits of dementia home support is that it offers the individual safe, monitored independence to ensure their sense of self-respect for as long as possible. In this article, we will examine the facts about dementia in Australia and offer practical solutions for dementia home support in Australia.


Aging Population in Australia

Demographics compiled by the experts at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicate that the population in Australia is aging as older Australians continue to increase in Australia’s population statistics. In 2017, 15% of Australia’s population (3.8 million) consisted of age 65 and older. Experts predict this percentage will grow steadily in the coming years, creating a greater demand for dementia home support. The good news is that Australians today are enjoying one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world.

Aged Home Care Included In $662 Million Funding Boost

According to an article by The Guardian, Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, recently revealed a funding boost of $662 million for individuals in residential aged care and at home aged care which includes dementia home support. The home-care packages account for $282.4 million of the funding total, and Morrison stated regarded the boost: “Older Australians have worked hard all their life, paid taxes and done their fair share, and they deserve our support.”

Dementia Statistics in Australia

Dementia is taking its toll on the aged population of Australia, increasing the need for quality dementia home support. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, dementia affects 400,000 individuals in Australia. It is the single greatest cause of disability in Australians over the age of 65 years, and it is the third leading cause of disability burden. Dementia is also the second leading cause of death in Australia and the leading cause of death among Australian women. In Australian residential aged care facilities, individuals suffering from dementia account for more than 50% of patients. According to the experts, the symptoms of dementia are often noticed by the loved ones’ family three years prior to a diagnosis. If you have a loved one displaying signs of dementia, listen to your instincts because the sooner a diagnosis can be made the better.

Dementia Care Products Are Rising in Value Worldwide

The alarming trend of rising global dementia statistics is illustrated by increasing market value in dementia care products. According to market trends and a forecast research report, dementia care products will experience a surge in market growth. In 2015, the World Alzheimer’s Report was released, indicating that over 10 million cases of dementia are diagnosed worldwide annually. The dementia care products expected to rise in value according to the report includes a broad number of products including memory exercise and activity products, daily reminder products, bathroom safety products, dining aids, communication products, personal safety products, and more. The new market research report spanning 2017-2027 is available upon request from Future Market Insights. These products will serve to improve the quality of dementia home support.

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A Compelling Reason To Provide Dementia Home Support

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, an alarming 70% of Australian aged care workers have no training whatsoever in dementia education or treatment. Maree McCabe, a Dementia Australia Chief Executive stated regarding this fact: “One of the key things about education is it is about developing empathy and when I say empathy I don’t mean that people don’t care, people do care, it’s about the ability to stand in the world of somebody living with dementia.”

A lack of training isn’t the only factor relatives of loved ones suffering from dementia have to worry about. Almost 4,000 assaults were reported in Australian nursing homes last year. Fortunately, there is an alternative to leaving your loved one suffering from dementia to the mercy of a residential aged care facility. It is a home care services provider called HomeCaring. Their services include professional dementia home support. Check it out here: home care Sydney.

What HomeCaring Can Do For You

HomeCaring provides quality at home care services for seniors and the disabled. What are the benefits of utilizing the services of HomeCaring?

  • Time and cost-effective
  • Accredited
  • Convenient
  • Government funded
  • Safety Assured
  • Top-rated professionals

HomeCaring does provide specialized care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. At HomeCaring, qualified individuals provide trained 24-hour care with the aim of avoiding unhealthy isolation from friends and family. Their trained professionals understand that the devastating effects of dementia cause the most suffering to close family carers who find it increasingly difficult to manage the needs and expectations of their loved ones affected by these neurodegenerative diseases. They focus on calming their clients, giving their clients the best quality of life possible, and the promotion of mind stimulation exercises that may hold the potential to delay the development of dementia. The compassionate, qualified nurses from HomeCaring believe in the power of a warm, comfortable, familiar environment to alleviate stress as opposed to residential dementia care. These nurses can assist you and your family with daily tasks including but not limited to personal grooming, social outings, and doctor’s appointments. A routine can drastically minimize the stress and discomfort that individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease experience. HomeCaring professionals seek to allow their patients safe and monitored independence for as long as possible as they provide dedicated dementia home support.

HomeCaring Testimonial

“Hanna was lovely - a very gentle soul and she had a lovely, long chat with mum about her own mum and her challenges. She is a very calm and measured young woman, mature beyond her years I think. I think that she will be great, and I am so relieved! Thanks so much!” - Gloria H.


In conclusion, dementia doesn’t have to rob your loved ones of the dignity they deserve because there are excellent dementia home support options available. HomeCaring can provide your loved ones the care, safety, and respect required without removing them out of the comfort of their own homes. For more information about the dementia home support that HomeCaring offers, please visit their website by clicking here.