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How One Vitamin Cured This Woman’s Anxiety and Why MTHFR Is To Blame


Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the US. Elisa Black was haunted by this silent phantom throughout her childhood, teen years, and early adulthood until she finally found the answer in one vitamin that cured her anxiety.


Elisa called her anxiety a wild beast because it destroyed everything in her path. It even attempted to destroy motherhood for her as she descended into post-partum depression following the birth of her first son. She confessed to SA Weekend that she had always been a nervous person.

Anxiety comes in many names to its victims. Elisa’s fears included vomit phobia, leprosy, drowning in a puddle, fear of heat, and death. Panic attacks interrupted the beginning of her independent life as a young adult, forcing her to move back in with her parents at the age of 25. For three long months, Elisa didn’t dare to leave her room. Perhaps the most terrifying fear of all was that this beast would never allow her to live a normal life as she sought a cure for over ten years.

Desperate for Hope

Elisa flung all the effort she possessed into getting her life back. She tried prescription anxiety medications, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, hypnosis, exposure therapy just to name a few. She visited psychologists, psychiatrists, naturopaths, herbalists, and anyone that would attempt to salvage her life.
All of these attempts were without avail until Elisa finally found the answer. Today she has her life back. For Elisa, it wasn’t deep breathing or drugs that slayed the beast, but a vitamin.

“For years, decades, I was looking outside for the answer, when I should have been looking inside all along. Looking at my genes. Because it turns out I have a genetic mutation on one of my genes, one with the rather apt acronym MTHFR. The result is that my body has trouble processing B-group vitamins…the good news is that the potential treatment (Folinic acid) is cheap, relatively easy to find, and side-effect free.”

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Elisa says she is far from being alone. The MTHFR genetic mutation affects nearly 1 in 5 people. It can be responsible for mood disorders, miscarriages, strokes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a host of other illnesses that plague their victims on a daily basis.

Miraculous Answer

Elisa’s doctor suggested that she be tested for MTHFR after ten years of various treatments failed to erase her anxiety for good. For Elisa, the test proved to be a miraculous event. She has never looked back, and she is sharing her story with the world because she wants everyone to know that in some cases the cure can be as simple as a B vitamin.

People who have MTHFR are all affected by it differently. This gene is responsible for converting vitamin B9 (folate) into the absorbable form called methylfolate. Methalation is a natural, bodily process that converts all vitamins into the bioavailable form. Elisa took folinic acid and methylated B12 to receive her results. Folinic acid is the methylated or bioavailable form of folate commonly found in food.

Unfortunately, solving this dilemma is not always as quick a fix as it was in Elisa’s case. Everyone is affected differently, and thus it takes personal research on the subject as you continue to discuss it with your healthcare professional. There are many different variations of the MTHFR mutation. I would encourage everyone to research the many faces of MTHFR and if you suspect that you may have this mutation to get tested for it. An excellent resource would be Dr. Ben Lynch, author of “Dirty Genes”, which releases at the end of this month. Just as it did for Elisa, this test could change your life.

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