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How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe with Medically Supported Weight Loss App: LeanMD

Lose weight fast

You can lose weight fast and achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively with the medically supported, scientifically tested, and technology-based weight loss program: LeanMD. With LeanMD, you can lose weight up to 4x faster than typical weight management programs with proven, and that is only the beginning of your lean, healthy lifestyle because LeanMD offers support so that you can maintain your hard-earned weight loss!


What is LeanMD?

LeanMD is a weight loss program designed and supported by medical professionals. The LeanMD program features a mobile app for ease of access and offers patients a safe and effective method for weight loss that is founded upon evidence-based medicine and scientifically sound nutrition principles. LeanMD is backed by a team of dedicated professionals including physicians, registered dieticians, technologists and software engineers to give you a medically supervised program with access to the best medical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional support available today. With the high tech and high touch LeanMD program, you can lose weight fast and achieve weight loss goals at a healthy and sustainable pace! Both you and your physician will benefit from the incredibly efficient and convenient remote access weight loss solution of LeanMD. New markets are scheduled to launch from LeanMD, and LeanMD has locations throughout California, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, and Oregon!

LeanMD was founded by Board Certified Internal Medicine and Primary Care physician, Dr. Mike Temkin, after 4 years of research and nearly ten years of practical, hands-on experience in medical practices along with co-founder and fellow Primary Care physician Dr. Mark Musco, Chief Medical officer, and Registered Dietician. Dr. Temkin and Dr. Musco worked tirelessly alongside their dedicated team of software engineers and technologists to bring you this medically proven weight loss and management solution. LeanMD has continued to change thousands of lives for the better, and it is expanding nationally to dozens more physicians’ offices after achieving wide-spread success helping people to lost weight fast!

How Does the LeanMD Weight Loss Program Work?

LeanMD is the perfect blend of scientific and medical research, real-world experiences, physician support, and cutting-edge technology. You start off by signing up for the program through a local medical practice. From there, you conveniently receive support, guidance, and information from your doctor and the personalized LeanMD app you have access to 24/7 on your mobile device so that you can lose weight fast!

Why Is LeanMD 4x Faster Than Other Weight Management Programs?

LeanMD works 4 times faster than other weight management programs by creating a calorie deficit to induce rapid weight loss. In a study conducted on 90 patients, the average weight loss over a three month period was 27.8 pounds and over a six-month period, the average weight loss was 39.67 pounds! These results made LeanMD four times more effective than other programs/diets by comparison. Upon completing the weight loss phrase, LeanMD you move on to the Sustainable Loss Program. This phase enables you to maintain your healthy weight after losing weight fast because you are aided by the availability of built-in monitoring and support.

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LeanMD is so much more than a weight management program because the minds behind LeanMD understand that you are more than a number on a scale. When you sign up for LeanMD, your weight loss efforts will be combined with personal coaching, mindfulness training, education, everyday living advice, and mobile technology to offer you the best of all these worlds. Through collaboration with your personal physician, LeanMD tailors your weight loss program to fit your body’s specific needs, factoring in chronic conditions and medical issues to offer you the safest, most effective treatment and experience as you lose weight fast!

What Does the Mobile Technology Offered by LeanMD Look Like?

The LeanMD app offers you a customized communications platform based on the information your doctor has collected because LeanMD respects and values the privacy between the patient and their physician. This allows your doctor to accurately monitor your progress while providing expert advice and analysis so that you can stay on track to meet your personal goals. Along the way, you will learn from LeanMD what works best for your unique physiology, and how to eat without incessant calorie counting and restrictions all while losing weight fast!

What Are the Benefits of LeanMD Compared to Other Weight Loss Programs?

Convenient and Manageable: You eat delicious, fresh, healthy food, not pre-packaged or processed foods. This not only sustains your body better on a nutritional scale, but it also sustains your schedule because it is convenient, flexible, and manageable for life on the go.
Easy and Effective: The LeanMD program is effective because your personal doctor comes along with you on your weight loss journey. You are never alone because the experts have come alongside you and simplified the process so that it makes life easier for you. Life is hard enough and making healthy lifestyle choices doesn’t have to be.
Personalized Support: LeanMD doesn’t just make healthy lifestyle decisions easy, but the program offers one-to-one coaching for the days you feel like quitting as well as tools designed to help you develop a mindful mindset so that you can maintain your victories through the program and beyond.
Evidence-Based: LeanMD has your health in mind for the long-term. Through scientifically-based nutrition principles, LeanMD is safe and effective, but it also may improve health conditions including HTN, CAD, diabetes I & II, GERD, and more. Your health will benefit from losing excess pounds too as your back and arthritis pain is reduced, your mobility increases, and your dependence on medication is reduced.
Mobile Flexibility: The LeanMD program’s mobile app gives you an overview of your personal information such as weight, goals, and total weight loss. The app also gives you the ability to track your personal progress and access to nutritional information and tips. Some examples of this nutritional information include what sources of protein you should be eating, vegetables, and fruits. The app will motivate you to hit your next goal as you glance at the multiple strategies for success, host of meal planning and shopping options, exercise tracking, and mindfulness tips. Your doctor can accurately monitor your progress through the app while providing expert advice and encouragement for you to keep up the good work!

According to LeanMD founder, Dr. Mike Temkin: “We are thrilled to grow and expand the LeanMD program to cities and communities across the country. Physicians love our program because it is scientifically backed, numbers based, requires real food, features a technology platform which provides education, and most importantly brings their patients back to health. And the patients love LeanMD because it’s flexible, affordable, simple and works!”


In conclusion, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out LeanMD for yourself! As we have seen in this article, you will lose weight fast in a safely controlled environment via your personal doctor and the LeanMD mobile app, you will learn how to manage your diet and lifestyle choices most effectively for your body and unique physiology, and you will have a support system in place so that you can maintain your weight without fear of gaining the pounds back. Learn more today about how LeanMD can help you reach your weight loss goals by visiting their site here.