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How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain at Christmas and All Year with Calocurb

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Do you crave a solution to curb cravings and avoid holiday weight gain? Calocurb is that solution! Calocurb is the fastest growing success story in New Zealand’s supplement industry with over 15,000 units sold to the tune of almost a million dollars in sales in just 7 months in a population of 3 million people. Calocurb’s CEO Sarah Kennedy joins us today to discuss the benefits of this fabulous supplement and all the fascinating scientific research behind it.


America has many holidays, but they all share a common theme: sugary indulgence. Whether it is chocolates at Valentine’s Day, trick-or-treat candy at Halloween, peeps at Easter, pies at Thanksgiving, or sugar cookies loaded with frosting at Christmas, it can be very difficult to avoid indulging your sweet tooth. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the unwanted pounds of holiday weight gain that are a natural consequence of our overindulgence during the holidays.

What if there was a way you could avoid holiday weight gain this Christmas and every holiday season? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Fortunately, it isn’t, and with Calocurb you’ll not only avoid holiday weight gain, but you’ll also shed unwanted pounds all year long because the magic of Calocurb is that you won’t overeat ever again.

You Can Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Calocurb

What is Calocurb you ask? Calocurb is a revolutionary, 100% natural supplement that is scientifically proven to reduce your appetite with just 3 ingredients: hops extract, GMO-free canola oil, and rosemary extract. It is the only appetite reduction supplement that is backed by science, 100% natural, caffeine and stimulant free, with a known mechanism and 3 or fewer ingredients.

In the randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study, trial participants ate significantly fewer calories and experienced a 20% reduction compared to placebo. Calocurb’s direct delivery to the duodenum resulted in significantly reduced side effects compared to placebo and gastric delivery. Calocurb is the result of 6 years of scientific research from a $20 million government-funded project in New Zealand to discover foods for appetite control.

These factors are responsible for Calocurb’s success:

  • 100% plant based
  • Contains 3 all natural ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan + Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Fast and effective (works within an hour)
  • Patent-pending formulation
  • Closed supply chain
  • Backed by science (Gold standard clinical trial)
  • Bioavailability

Here is what people have to say about their Calocurb success:

“I just love these little gems! I have lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks and eat less. Thank you so much!” - Gaylene, Paparoa, New Zealand

“After taking Calocurb for almost one month, my portion sizes have decreased, I have more energy, and I can see my body shape change with reduced weight. My tummy size has reduced massively, and my trousers are too big! I am so impressed and so is my husband.” - Debbie, Coventry, UK

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Interview with Calocurb CEO, Sarah Kennedy: How Calocurb Helps You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I had the distinct honor and privilege of conducting an interview with Calocurb CEO Sarah Kennedy regarding the benefits of this extraordinary supplement and the solutions it provides

Kaitlin: Please just tell us more details about Calocurb.

Sarah Kennedy: Sure! Well, Kaitlin, when it started was in 2010. Plant and Food Research, which is our biggest crown research institute (we call it crown research because we're actually still part of the Commonwealth, but basically it’s government research.) All primary research in New Zealand is government funded. It got a grant for $20,000,000 to look at foods that control appetite, and they worked on the theory (or they had the theory) that bitter substances had been well known over the centuries to reduce appetite. They actually found in Scotland, that during times of famine they chewed very, very bitter berries so that they would decrease their feelings of hunger during famine periods and also in the Kalahari desert when they would go out hunting for several days with no food. So they had this theory (and it was based on other research as well) and got a $20,000,000 Government Grant to evaluate plant-based extracts in New Zealand. They evaluated 900 different plant extracts, in an in-vitro model, looking at the release of certain gastric peptides which suppress appetite. Anyway, they did that and came out with one that was by far out in front, and this is what they named Amarasate meaning “bitter satiation” in Latin. They then took that into a clinical trial and it showed a 20 percent reduction in energy intake. It showed a significant increase in appetite-suppressing hormones, which is CCK, GPL1, PYY, and also the 20 percent decrease in energy intake. This research was done between 2010 and 2016. And then they say well this is incredible because it's never been done before with a natural, plant-based extract. It has been done using pharmaceuticals, but it had really bad side effects (anatomically bad ones or physiologically I should say.) And so they did, and they said, “Well how do we commercialize it?”, and I've been in the natural health industry for many years and they approached me and I thought it was incredible. I've never seen that amount of research and clinical research behind a product before. So yeah, that's really how Calocurb came about. Calocurb is an active extract of Amarasate, and the Amarasate comes from a specific variety or type of hops which are growing in New Zealand. 

Kaitlin: Wow. That is fascinating. Would you say that these ingredients are quite unusual or has Hops used like this before?

Sarah Kennedy: Amarasate comes from a specific variety of hops. Hops have not been used as an appetite suppressant before, which made this unusual. Also because the hops is in a special acid resistant capsule, it is deposited to the upper intestinal tract where it has the greatest effect. The product is actually manufactured in the US by a company called Capsugel, which is one of the largest capsule manufacturers in the world. What it does is it releases a natural evolutionary process that we developed as humans to prevent us from eating very bitter foods that would often be toxic because plants made themselves toxic so they wouldn't be eaten and vice versa and so they could often be toxic so it gets deposited in the upper duodenum and that’s where we get the CCK and GPL1 released which goes up to your brain which says, “Hey, stop eating, you are full.” And that was our evolutionary mechanism to stop us from eating. So yeah, that's how it works. So no, hops hasn't been used, and it certainly hasn't been had that amount of clinical research behind it before. 

Kaitlin: Oh, thank you. What results do people usually see after taking Calocurb like do they have to take it for a specific amount of time before they see results?

Sarah Kennedy: No, so Kaitlin that’s the amazing thing about it is that it actually works in an hour. So you take it before you think you’re going to be the hungriest. So like for me, I usually take it about 10:30 or 11 because (don't ask me why), but I get really, really hungry at lunchtime and I just want to eat my arm off so it means that I can eat a smaller lunch like I'll eat a smaller lunch, maybe a bit of protein, a bit of salad, but the other thing is that the effects work for about 3-4 hours. See, normally, if I have a small bit of protein in that salad for lunch, I'd be hungry about two or 3 o’clock. Other people, they get really hungry in the middle of the afternoon, and then for other people, they eat later at night. So it really depends on when you know you’re going to get the hungriest, and you just know you’re going to want to eat something bad because you’re just hungry. So you know, you’ve still got to eat well and you’ve still got to exercise. It just helps you. I'm going see if I can describe this, which I think is one of the most fascinating, and this also comes from research and everyone says, “Oh, it's just willpower” and everything like that. With humans, there's an evolutionary survival mechanism which makes sure that we'd go out and look for food. So when you decrease your energy intake by 25 percent (and this was recorded over 16 weeks) your hunger actually doubles. So what your brain is telling you (because it comes from feast and famine in your physiology) what your brain is actually telling you is, “Go out and find something to eat.” So this is why people fall off diets, you know, (I hate saying it) but it's actually not their fault because they're hindbrains are saying to them, “Hey, go out and get something to eat because you may not have it again in the future.” So what this is, is it just helps people during that time of hunger when you're trying to reduce your energy intake (or you're just not trying to eat, you know, things that may not be good for you or would be less good for you. )

Kaitlin: So it sounds to me, (and correct me if I'm wrong) but it sounds like Calocurb would also would be beneficial for people who are prediabetic or who struggle with controlling a healthy blood sugar because it would help to prevent them from reaching for sugary foods, especially when their blood sugar is unbalanced.

Sarah Kennedy: Totally, and that's what a lot of people use it for like my assistant at work, she's a terrible chocoholic and she said (you know, I mean, everyone's different) but she said it’s great because she just doesn't have those cravings anymore. So it's just. No, it's funny. Also, over time, it also kind of changes you because you kind of go, “Oh, I don’t need to eat a big portion anymore.” So, it’s interesting. You know, it's been an enormous success in New Zealand. It's been the fastest and largest growing supplement in New Zealand. We’ve sold over 15,000 units and just under a million dollars just in seven months (and you've got to remember New Zealand is only 3 million people.) But some of the testimonials we’re getting back are quite emotional, you know, like some women are saying (and men), but there have been more women saying, “You know, this was the first time I've felt a connection between my stomach and my brain.” Some of them are really quite emotional, and: “I no longer hate myself. I no longer have the self-loathing because I overeat.”

Kaitlin: Oh, that's wonderful. It's so exciting to hear about the success that Calocarb is having in New Zealand, and I hope that it spreads to the US. I also hope this article helps to put the word out about it because it's just a fascinating product and I really think that (especially for emotional eaters or compulsive eaters) I think that it's true that it's not always merely a matter of self-control thus it's going to increase everyone's health for the better. How are ingredients for Calocurb harvested? 

Sarah Kennedy: The other beauty of it is that it is just three natural ingredients. So the hops are extracted by supercritical extraction which is the purest way to get an extract out. Then they are put with Rosemary (it's just a natural preservative.) And then the other extracts with canola oil so you've got 250 milligrams of hops and you've got canola oil. The Canola oil is the one that helps with its bioavailability. So it's really just three ingredients and all natural. So you've got fewer fillers (so it's not like Glucomannan which comes from the root, which just basically fills your stomach until it swells because it’s a fiber. It's certainly not caffeine based, so it's not thermogenic. So it is a first in the world. So we kind of call it (and it's not a good word, but we kind of call it a natural gastric band.) So it's not a filler, and it's not a fast, and it's not a laxative. 

Kaitlin: Okay. Thank you. That answers all my questions about that then. That’s also neat that it is also more bioavailable. Now on your website, I noticed that you were talking about double-blind placebo trials. Could you tell us any details about that?

Sarah Kennedy: Yeah, that'll be published in a high-end journal. So it was a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study. So you've got to remember this was done by the government. so it was a gold standard one as they’re measured on what they publish, they have no commercial input into this whatsoever. I was in with them two days ago and probably the most exciting this is that they were just about to start a one on intermittent fasting. So what we're looking to show in that is that it reduces hunger over a 24 hour intermittent fast. Also, we're looking to show a reduction in rebound eating. So it isn’t, you know, a clinical trial or research that's been done before so what we're considering to do is to spend money on research behind the product.

Kaitlin: That’s great. Thank you so much. 

Sarah Kennedy: Yeah, for me, there are three big points. It is 100% natural (and I'll send you a presentation that shows it on a competitive basis) but it's 100 percent natural. So it only has three ingredients. It's backed by science (real science, critical science) and it works in an hour. Those are the four points. I've been in the industry for years, and I’ve never seen a product that did this with this amount of science. I think the other big thing is when we say bitter, people think we mean it tastes bitter, but it's not, it's in a patented capsule which is delivered to your upper duodenum. It is delivered to the right place so it is like taking an omega tablet or anything like that. It doesn’t taste like anything. It's really weird when you have it. Like I had one the other day, (I always take them) but I had one the other day and I went to eat and you’re not hungry, but you have to eat your lunch and you go eat your lunch and then you get halfway through. You kind of want all of this and so what it does is it's a very natural process because this actually happened. You know when you eat a meal and about 40 minutes later you go, “Oh I wish I hadn't eaten that much.” Right? What this does and says this just doesn't perform because those appetite suppressant hormones are released around about 30 minutes after you eat a meal because as you fact go into upper intestine, so it starts to release and tells your brain stop eating because if it didn't, humans would actually pop. We'd just carry on eating. So what this does, it really just stimulates what happens after a meal before you have the meal if that makes sense. So this is just a fabulous, fabulous way over holidays and when you're just surrounded by food and you're more likely to overeat and this will just help because your brain will say to you, “No, you’re full,” and you're like, “Wow, I've just eaten a whole lot less than what I normally would eat.”


In conclusion, with Calocurb you can avoid holiday weight gain because you can confidently say goodbye cravings and hello to the new you! To learn more about Calocurb, please visit their website by clicking here.