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How to Avoid Failing Your New Year’s Health Resolutions for 2018 With 5 Easy Tips!

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Resolutions have a way of recycling themselves. Is anyone else recycling the same health resolution they committed to in 2017? My hand is raised too. The question is how to avoid failing to maintain and achieve our health resolution(s) again in 2018. There is no right answer, but I do have some helpful tips that may help all of us to succeed because the only way we learn is by failing the first time around.


I don’t know about you, but the word resolution has always conjured negative connotations for me. Having to think of making resolutions at all implies that the previous year we were bad or something. Resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. It is the firmness of the definition that strikes me as shedding a negative light. No one likes discipline or the firmness of resolving to get something done. The New Year should be a fresh chapter, but if your expectations are a heavy weight dragging you down before the New Year even begins then drop the burden. It is time to define resolutions in a whole new way which leads me to my first tip.

1. Avoid Too Many Health Resolutions

We are talking about “health” resolutions in this article, and one of the surest and most unhealthy ways to burn your resolution to the ground is by setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. That is a defeatist philosophy. By setting realistic expectations you tell your body that you believe in your ability to achieve those goals. If you have thought of too many resolutions, set aside a few for next year because there are only 365 days in a year and they always go faster then we expect. Start out with baby steps because slow and steady wins the race!

2. Avoid the “D” word

By the “d” word of course I am referring to “diet”. I learned this from personal experience. Dieting involves your brain as well as your stomach. Dieting is a mindset. Don’t view it as a temporary fix, but a lifestyle choice.
I had to stop looking at food as a source of comfort or fun. Instead, I choose to view it now as fuel for my body. I wouldn’t mix water into the gasoline and fill my car’s tank with it, and I shouldn’t dilute my body’s fuel either with unnecessary calories or foods that burn dirty like sugar and excess carbohydrates.

3. Avoid Facing Your Resolutions Alone

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An accountability partner holds us accountable to keep our resolutions, but a healthy accountability partner also gives us permission to fall down and gives us a hand when we pick ourselves back up again. Don’t forget to extend this same grace to yourself as well. It is helpful if your accountability partner made the same resolution that you did because then you can help each other to meet common goals.

4. Avoid Forgetting Your Resolutions

I am quite guilty of this no-no. The whole purpose of making a resolution is to do it, but by July I have often forgotten January’s resolution(s). My favorite way to remember anything is by making lists, but sometimes I have found that it is helpful to divide your resolution into bite-sized pieces by making monthly goals. You can post your monthly goal on your refrigerator, calendar, or on a 3X5 card above the sink. Don’t forget to give yourself a reward for every monthly resolution kept and goal achieved!

5. Avoid Making All Resolutions Boring

Not all resolutions have to be groan-worthy or make you dread the New Year more than ever. Give yourself something to look forward to this New Year by resolving to reward your achievements and check some items off that bucket list while you’re at it! Take weight loss for example, a common New Year resolution for many. Every health resolution should be viewed as showing love to your body whether it is exercise or weight loss. We’ve only been given one body, and it is our greatest ally and not our enemy. If our bodies don’t perform at the level we want we must accept it and continue to press on. Every step forward makes us remember that we have left the old body a little farther behind.

My word for 2018 is: grace. I am a recovering perfectionist learning to give herself grace in the process. I hope grace will be your anthem this New Year as well. Grace for every bump in the road and every mess that life makes as you strive to keep your New Year’s health resolutions. It is never too late to be healthy! Have a healthy and happy New Year!

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