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How to Avoid Diabetes and Minimize Your Risk With the Good Idea® Drink and Dr. Elin Ostman's Expert Tips

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Health professionals across the country including Dr. Elin Ostman are working tirelessly to raise awareness about diabetes and inform the general public about the health consequences of diabetes. Today Dr. Elin Ostman joins us to raise awareness about diabetes and educate us with expert prevention tips about how to avoid diabetes and minimize the risk of developing diabetes. She also will share the fascinating details about the new Good Idea® drink!


Diabetes Is A Disease with a High Price to Pay

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States today. In 2015, an alarming 84.1 million Americans were diagnosed with prediabetes as young as age 18 and older. How many new cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year in the United States? A frightening 1.5 million cases! This is becoming an epidemic, but diet plays a huge role in helping you to avoid diabetes and minimize your personal risk.

Introducing the Revolutionary Good Idea® Drink

No one understands diabetes better than Dr. Elin Ostman, a renowned diabetes expert. She also knows how to avoid diabetes and minimize your risk. This is why she is the food scientist and researcher behind the Good Idea® drink. This revolutionary, functional sparkling water is proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by an average of 25%! Healthy food habits, lifestyle choices, and the Good Idea® drink can all play a big role in helping you to avoid diabetes, minimize your risk, and live a healthy, long life!

I had the distinct honor and privilege of conducting an interview with diabetes expert, Dr. Elin Ostman, regarding diabetes awareness, education, and expert advice. She also graciously shared tips on how to avoid diabetes and minimize your risk as well.

Interview with Diabetes Expert Dr. Elin Ostman About Diabetes Prevention and the Good Idea® Drink

Kaitlin: Dr. Elin, what are your tips on how to regulate blood sugar levels?

Dr. Elin Ostman: For most of us, it´s actually quite easy, at least in theory. Moderate physical activity, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress and eating a varied and healthy diet are all factors that help our body maintain blood sugar within a healthy range.

Kaitlin: What are the benefits of healthy blood sugar levels?

Dr. Elin Ostman: In the short term…avoid ups and downs in energy/mood…research has shown that there is a clear connection between a healthy blood sugar curve and the longer-term reduction of risk factors for lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Also, balanced blood sugar levels play a vital role in weight management.

Kaitlin: Why is diabetes so prevalent today?

Dr. Elin Ostman: Type 2-diabetes, standing for 90% of the diabetes cases, is lifestyle related to a great extent. The foods we seem to love, all too often washed down with sugary sodas and energy drinks, put a strain on our bodies, wears out our blood sugar regulation system, and makes us fat. Obesity is the number one predictor for diabetes, and the numbers are terrifying. More than 90 million Americans are classified as obese, with a body mass index (BMI) over 30.

Kaitlin: What role does food play in diabetes prevention?

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Dr. Elin Ostman: I would say that healthy eating habits is one of the most essential prevention factors for all lifestyle-related disease, alongside regular moderate exercise and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake.

Kaitlin: Why do sugar and fast carbs drive low-grade inflammation?

Dr. Elin Ostman: Every time we eat, the body undergoes a stress reaction. This is entirely normal and manageable. But when we repeatedly expose the body to excessive stress, e.g., by regularly eating fast carbs, the stress reaction is stronger and can develop into a chronic low-grade inflammation. Repeated blood sugar spikes caused by foods with sugar and/or fast carbs are among the foremost drivers of low-grade inflammation. The “sugary” eating habits also lead to overweight or obesity, which in itself both drives inflammation and leads to an impaired blood sugar regulation. It´s so easy to end up in that vicious circle.

Kaitlin: What are your tips on how to avoid the “afternoon slump”?

Dr. Elin Ostman: The slump is often a result of the blood sugar dropping shortly after having a carb-rich meal, and sugary sodas make it even worse. So: eat a healthier lunch with slow carbs and veggies, and replace the soda with water. This will not only help you stay sharp end energized – but a more even blood sugar curve will also help you avoid the sugar cravings that often appear after eating. Other tips include trying to take micro-breaks during work, a quick walk outside, and getting enough sleep.

Kaitlin: Which foods are our best friends when it comes to regulating our blood sugar levels?

Dr. Elin Ostman: More or less everything that contributes to a moderate and slow blood sugar response: whole-grain bread and cereals, veggies, beans, al dente cooked pasta, and whole fruits are all good examples of healthy foods. And, maybe most importantly: drinking water with the meal instead of something sugary is a very simple way of improving the meal. This type of diet will also make you feel fuller for longer with less need for snacking.

Kaitlin: On the other hand, which foods are our worst enemies when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels?

Dr. Elin Ostman: Sugary sodas and energy drinks are top of the list, but unfortunately, many of the foods we love are also on that list. Burgers, pizzas, fries, white bread, sushi all contain fast carbs and sugar that cause the blood sugar to spike, just to drop like as a stone shortly after. Together with red meat and charcuteries, they all drive inflammation.

Kaitlin: Please tell us more about the Good Idea® Drink and how it works to regulate blood sugar levels.

Dr. Elin Ostman: Good Idea® is sparkling water with a blend of five amino acids and chromium, scientifically proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after eating. It’s a Swedish invention, based on many years of research and clinical studies both in Europe and in the US. The direct benefit of drinking Good Idea® with a meal includes avoiding the post-meal slump and sugar cravings. In the longer run, a more controlled blood sugar curve is associated with several health benefits. Good Idea® is un-sweetened, has zero calories, and comes in three all-natural flavors that pair perfectly with any meal.

Kaitlin: Is there anything else you would like to add, Dr. Elin?

Dr. Elin Ostman: My career as a food researcher, and now as the Chief Scientist of Good Idea Inc, has been all about helping people to adopt a healthier lifestyle based on healthier eating and drinking. We all know change doesn´t come easy, but the good news is that every little step can make a real difference. One of my mottos is that “you can eat everything, but not always”. Start by changing the way you drink with your meals and then reduce the number of meals per week containing fast carbs. You can do it!


In conclusion, diabetes is a disease that is sweeping across America like wildfire. Fortunately, thanks to dedicated physicians like Dr. Elin Ostman, we can make better, more informed lifestyle decisions about how to avoid diabetes and minimize our risk. To learn more about Dr. Elin Ostman and the Good Idea® drink, visit the website by clicking here.