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Find the Quick Way to the Best Travel Insurance in Australia

best travel insurance

The best travel insurance can come in handy if you are planning a trip! Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that a total of 10.5 million Australians returned from traveling overseas in 2017, a 6.9% increase from statistics the previous year. The best travel insurance can offer you coverage for accidental injuries, illness, or other specific mishaps that you may encounter while traveling overseas. iSelect is an Australian insurance comparison site that will help you to find the quick way to the best travel insurance in Australia!


What is Travel Insurance?

The best travel insurance serves as an all-purpose, emergency insurance so that you can travel abroad without fear of what you will do if plan B fails. According to seasonally adjusted figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2017, the top 10 most popular traveling destinations for Aussies were ranked as follows: New Zealand, Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan, India, and Fiji. The confidence that the best travel insurance policy provides is worth its weight in gold because some of the best memories in exotic settings are made by embracing the spontaneous! Don’t allow your penny-pinching instincts to rob you of the pleasure that comes by living in the moment as you head out on your traveling adventure.

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

The best travel insurance policy will provide coverage to cushion you in case of the following while abroad:

• Emergency Medical Assistance

• Loss or theft of luggage

• Loss of cash or travel documents

• Travel delay expenses

• Rental vehicle excess

• Personal liability

• Cancellation fees

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How the iSelect Service Helps You Select the Best Travel Insurance

iSelect is an insurance comparison service that helps you to choose the best insurance provider whether you need to choose the best travel insurance policy in case of unexpected emergencies away from home or purchase health insurance for coverage at home. The site has a Trustpilot rating of “Great” based on 2,723 reviews. This year, iSelect was awarded multiple partner awards including Health Insurance Partner of the Year and Customer First Award of the Year for 2018. According to their website, iSelect is the most visited private health insurance comparison site in Australia. Regarding the best travel insurance, iSelect states on their website:

“Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. Travelers who experience difficulties overseas may find themselves relying on family and friends for financial assistance or saddled with significant debts if they don’t have travel insurance. Others may end up out of pocket because they skimped on their cover. Travel insurance is an all-purpose insurance for a variety of travel-related mishaps. It can provide a level of cover for overseas medical expenses, lost or stolen belongings, trip cancellations, and personal liability.”

Will the Best Travel Insurance Save Me Money?

Medical bills can certainly add up fast if you experience an illness or injury overseas because regular health insurance won’t cover you in an overseas scenario. Another way the best travel insurance will help you to save money is by covering unexpected lodging or transportation costs due to unforeseen traveling delays or detours. The best travel insurance policy will cover the unexpected, leaving you to explore and discover the unknown delights of your destination.

The Travel Insurance Market Today

According to the Digital Journal, the Business Travel Insurance Market is expected to witness huge growth by 2023. Perhaps that is because seasoned world travelers understand that risks are worth taking for the adrenaline rush, but your bank account doesn’t have to be part of the risk with the best travel insurance policy.

Cruise Travel Insurance

Are you planning on taking a cruise? It is no wonder that cruises are popular methods of travel, nowadays. You get to visit multiple destinations from a home-away-from-home base, save money, meet fascinating fellow travelers, and take advantage of all the amenities the ship has to offer in between touring destinations. However, cruise travel insurance may come in handy if you miss a port departure, need 24/7 emergency assistance, or lose your luggage. Travel insurance for a cruise requires specific coverage so check the details of each policy carefully and compare travel insurance providers before purchasing a policy. On a cruise, the possibilities for adventure truly are endless, but your bank account isn’t so purchasing cruise travel insurance is always a good idea!

Tips About Selecting the Best Travel Insurance

When you are choosing international travel insurance, the best travel insurance policy will provide you with a high or unlimited overseas medical coverage plus a separate emergency evacuation plan including transportation back to your country. Medical coverage might just be the top reason to purchase the best travel insurance. Unfortunately, regular health insurance won’t cover an illness or injury if you are overseas. As a world traveler, planning ahead is fun when there are exciting and exotic destinations to visit, but don’t forget to plan ahead for the less pleasant, unfortunate episodes you may encounter. Don’t take the risk of learning the hard way when you may need an airlift to the nearest medical facility or to be flown home for emergency medical treatment. Also, don’t forget to be specific and declare any pre-existing medical conditions including pregnancy. Check your international travel insurance policy for details about what is covered to avoid any misunderstandings that could land you in a precarious position when you’re away from home sweet home.


In conclusion, the best travel insurance policy will provide coverage for the worst so that you can enjoy the best of your trip carefree! iSelect will help you to find the quick way to the best travel insurance so that you can plan the vacation of your dreams. Don’t take the risk of traveling without the best travel insurance because you can’t afford to lose your peace of mind while traveling abroad. Don’t lose money trying to save money. Next time you plan your dream vacation, budgeting for travel insurance is a good idea because investing in safety while making memories is always a win-win!