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Fast-Track Your New Year’s Resolutions with the Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends in 2019

health and wellness trends 2019

As we kiss 2018 goodbye and say hello to 2019, there are a lot of new health and wellness trends in 2019 to welcome a new year and a new you. January is the month for New Year’s resolutions, and in this article, we are going to explore the top 10 health and wellness trends of 2019 that will help you to meet your health and fitness goals!


1. The Ketogenic Diet

There is no doubt about it. The Ketogenic diet (fondly termed Keto for short) is a health and wellness trend in 2019 that isn’t slowing down any time soon. The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that places emphasis on burning ketones as fuel rather than glucose. This popular diet has set many health trends that will continue in 2019 including keto coffee and MCT oil.

Perhaps a growing awareness about brain health is responsible for this continuing 2019 health and wellness trend as science continues to reveal the detrimental effects of sugar on our brains.

2. Superfoods and Clean Eating

Millennials are hunting for superfoods as another health and wellness trend in 2019 because they provide the quickest and most effective boost of essential vitamins, minerals, and general nutrition. Some examples of popular superfoods include matcha green tea, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), spirulina, turmeric, maca, and shilajit.

Gwenneth Paltrow’s latest cookbook, The Clean Plate, has fueled further interest in the 2019 health and wellness trend of “clean eating”. Her cookbook releases on January 8th, 2019.

The New York Times best-selling book, The Whole30, asks participants to commit to going clean in their diet for just 30 days, eliminating many high-inflammatory foods including sugar and dairy. According to multiple Whole30 success stories, people often experience such incredible benefits from eating the Whole30 way that they never look back. These are just several examples of popular cookbooks and diet plans that incorporate “clean eating” concepts.

3. Dry Brushing

Thanks to health sites like Goop.com, dry brushing is another 2019 health and wellness trend gaining momentum as an easy and relaxing method of detox by stimulating your lymphatic system which in turn drains your body of toxins. It is as simple as it sounds. Dry brushing is a cheap and relaxing detox method that can be implemented into your self-care routine as an effective way to cleanse your system of unwanted toxins.

4. Coffee Enemas

There is one theme that many health and wellness trends of 2019 share in common: detox. Coffee enemas are another detox method that quickly gained traction amongst followers of certain health and wellness websites. While it may not sound pleasant, the benefits far outweigh the negative thoughts associated with it if you know what you are doing and do it safely and properly. These benefits include detoxification and eliminating constipation, according to Dr. Linda L. Isaacs, M.D..

5. The Sleep Optimization Revolution of 2019

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Another health and wellness trend of 2019 is sleep optimization. According to an article by Harper’s Bazaar, sleep optimization searches increased by 116%. In the Google play store, an editor top pick app is a blue light filter app called Twilight to prevent circadian rhythm cycle disruption that leads to sleep deprivation. Twilight and Flux are downloads for your cell phone and your computer that can help you to enforce healthier bedtime habits.

6. Diabetes Prevention Nutritional Supplement: Lysulin®

Lysulin®is hot and trending right now as a health and wellness 2019 trend in the supplement world. Lysulin® is a supplement for patients with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes designed to shield human proteins from glucose toxicity with nutritional armor composed of 3 ingredients: Lysine, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Lysulin® is now available at Walmart.com! To read my previously published article about the benefits of Lysulin®, click here. For more information about Lysulin®, click here.

7. Green Living

Green living is a top health and wellness trend of 2019 as we embrace a green lifestyle that is healthier for us and the planet. This trend includes ditching plastic. Millennials are growing increasingly aware of the toxic effects of BPA on their own bodies and the general threat that plastic poses to the environment in general. Some other examples of green choices that American families are making include selecting alternatives to common household cleaners with less toxic chemicals including homemade all-purpose cleaners, all-natural beauty products including face masks containing activated charcoal, and essential oils to replace synthetic, chemical fragrances.

8. Not All Fitness Resolutions for 2019 Will Include a Gym Membership

We welcome many exciting health and wellness 2019 trends in the fitness world as we begin the new year. Popular fitness trends for 2019 include wearable technology and group fitness. Purchasing gym memberships at the beginning of the new year may be common, but millennials are looking for more creative ways to exercise, especially from the comfort of their own home according to Pinterest’s 2019 trend report which showed that searches for “band workouts” were up 1913% compared to last year.

9. Sugar-Free Alternatives

A hot health and wellness 2019 trend is sugar-free alternatives. The rising prevalence of diabetes, cancer, and other disease has induced another health trend of 2019 as Americans seek alternatives to common white table sugar. You may have heard people mention that they are going on a sugar detox after the holidays, but coffee is just one example of an American diet staple that just wouldn’t be the same without sweetening. Some popular, healthy, and all-natural sugar-free alternatives in this trend include stevia, xylitol, monk fruit extract, and erythritol. It may be best to avoid xylitol if you have pets though because your furry friends can’t digest this sugar alcohol, and thus it is poisonous to their bodies.

10. Some May Consume Less Meat in 2019 with Plant-based Diets

Not everyone wants to commit to going fully vegetarian, but plant-based diets are becoming a health and wellness trend in 2019 as they experience growing popularity amongst many celebrities including Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. Approximately 80% of the celebrity couple’s diet consists of vegetables and whole grains. The other 20% consists of lean meats.

Dr. Mark Hyman coined the term, pegan, to describe someone whose diet is a blend of the best world of the vegan and paleo diets. A pegan’s plate only contains 25% lean meat.


In conclusion, a new year invites us to make new priorities and set new goals as we explore the top 2019 health and wellness trends. In 2019, we can choose to make our health one of our top priorities because the healthy choices we make now will only improve our quality of life in the long run. As we turn a new chapter, cheers to a healthy, successful 2019!