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3 Testimonies of Those Who Found Healing from P.A.N.D.A.S. Syndrome

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PANDAS was coined as a term and introduced as a condition as recently as 1998 by Dr. Susan Swedo and her associates to describe the onset of debilitating symptoms that results from this autoimmune malfunction. Here are 3 testimonies of those who have found healing from their PANDAS symptoms through a natural, holistic approach.


What is PANDAS Syndrome you ask? PANDAS stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. The hallmark characteristic of PANDAS syndrome is the sudden onset of severe anxiety and mood swings followed by Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors and/or tics in association with streptococcal-A (GABHS) infection that occurred immediately prior to the symptoms, according to the PANDAS network.

While PANDAS syndrome may still be a relatively unfamiliar or vague term to many, it is a rapid condition that for many children and adults has the potential to twist their personality into a frightening version of themselves. Many victims of PANDAS face a distorted reality and warped future as a result of this syndrome. In children, PANDAs commonly impedes their academic performance, resulting in poor grades. This is just one of the many consequences of PANDAS syndrome.

The clinical diagnosis of PANDAS includes:

• The presence of significant obsessions, compulsions, and/or tics
• The abrupt onset of symptoms or a relapsing-remitting course of symptom severity
• Pre-pubertal onset
• Association with streptococcal infection
• Association with other neuropsychiatric symptoms

A typical medical approach to PANDAS is an aggressive, prolonged regimen of antibiotics. Some children may have moderate to dramatic improvement from this treatment, but the entire medical community still debates how to stop this syndrome in its tracks completely. PANDAS poses a dangerous threat because if severe symptoms persist there can be long-lasting or permanent cognitive damage as a result.

The PANDAS Network estimates according to significant research that this syndrome affects as many as 1 in 200 children. That is a frightening statistic for a recently identified phenomenon, and doctors often struggle to diagnose PANDAS syndrome. However, there is hope for those suffering from PANDAS. The testimonies of these three patients offer alternative treatment options from a holistic perspective for those struggling to banish PANDAS syndrome from their lives.

A Biomedical Approach

Anthony was diagnosed with PANDAS. His biomedical protocol included Amoxicillan, New Beginning’s Probiotic Support Formula, Transfer Factor, and Phosphatidlserine.

“Since we started this protocol (4 months ago), Anthony’s strep levels have vastly dropped and are only 29 points away from the normal range. We have seen a huge change in Anthony. His OCD and obsessions are gone. I haven’t heard him obsessing over trash/trash cans/trash trucks in months. He pays no mind when I am doing chores around the house. He used to yell and cry if I wouldn’t let him clean with me. Now, he would rather be playing. His interests have greatly expanded. He now likes to color, do school work, read, play pretend with his toys, play board games with the family, and have friends over to play. The list goes on and on. I have lots of hope! And I owe all of it to biomedical intervention! Biomed heals!”

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A Homeopathic Approach

Beth Monterosso is a homeopath who successfully treated her own son with homeopathy following his diagnosis of PANDAS syndrome and Lyme’s disease. She has experienced remarkable results in treating many other patients with PANDAS and other similar conditions.

“Beth is a gifted homeopath who has brought our son out of PANDAS hell and into a life of hope and potential. Before we started working with her, my son had many diagnoses: Aspergers, ADD, OCD, dyspraxia, disorder of written expression, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. He struggled for many years and then got worse: hallucinations, tics, strange hand movements. We tried everything the specialists told us to do. We removed tonsils (all of us), did antibiotics (which worked for a while, but then stopped working.) We did lots of blood draws, tried chelation, tried a multitude of supplements, and had genetic testing. We went gluten and dairy free. He wasn’t getting any better, and we were trying to figure out what to do next. We were offered psychotropic drugs and IVIG, but neither of those options felt right to us. We turned to homeopathy as a last resort, not believing it would work… Beth was so good at picking out remedies that targeted the hallucinations and voices. When those went away, she targeted the OCD. Then the anxiety…and so forth. Two years later we have a kid who is in high school and doing well. He has friends, he plays baseball, he’s in the marching band, he’s getting good grades. He can fall asleep in a dark room. He can keep track of his homework. He can walk from point A to point B without having to back-step. His tics are gone, he has great eye contact and can make small talk with anyone. He had an IEP. He is now a 504. He hasn’t had to use any of the accommodations for the last 2 years. Two years ago we couldn’t imagine what his future would be like…Now he is thriving. He has a promising future, and we couldn’t be happier (or more relieved!)” – J.A., Seattle

An Essential Oils Approach

This testimonial is from an Arizona mother. She posted this on the PANDAS Hope for Healing website that uses an essential oil approach. Essential oils have been known since ancient times to boost immunity, reduce inflammatory conditions, detox the body, and treat strep infections among many other things. Scientific research showing the efficacy of essential oils for PANDAS can be found on their website.

“I want to thank you again for all you have done for us and helping us with essential oils. Words cannot adequately express how thankful we are for finding you both and these incredible oils. As I have shared in the past, we were so afraid to believe, not because of you, but because we were so afraid of being let down yet again. I want to tell you, while we still have more to go, Michael is absolutely a different boy. His motor tics are almost completely gone except for some slight movements at night before bed. We have even seen a marked improvement in his hand writing, so much so that the teacher even commented to me yesterday when I picked him up. We are truly amazed. Also, as you know he had such trouble sleeping and now he is sleeping through the night for more than 3 weeks! …We can never repay you for all you have done!”

Because PANDAS is an autoimmune syndrome, many have found relief by addressing the gut. For many people with autoimmunity, a significant source of inflammation is the gut due to food intolerances, sensitivities, allergies, and a poor microbiome. The Autoimmune Paleo Diet and Elimination Diet have both proved to be helpful in eliminating this source of inflammation. New research continues to stress the significance of the gut-brain connection. This pathway allows inflammation to travel freely from the gut to the brain or vice versa. In PANDAs of course the onset of symptoms is related to severe neurological inflammation.


Everyone diagnosed with PANDAS has varying levels of severity and must be treated accordingly. By all means consult your doctor if you or your child has been diagnosed with PANDAS or if you suspect it. Be proactive in your search for the best treatment options for your particular case of PANDAS. A holistic approach to PANDAS was helpful in the testimonies mentioned in this article, but some of these methods can also be used in conjunction with medical treatments if necessary. Keep an open mind and above all be your own advocate. You have the right to be heard and to do what is best for your particular case of PANDAS.

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