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10 Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver and Why It's Bad Reputation is Undeserved

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a powerful immune stimulant. In this article, I will attempt to dispel some of the myths that gave this natural anti-microbial agent a bad reputation and reveal 10 health benefits of Colloidal silver.


What is colloidal silver you ask? It is a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles that has been documented to possess broad-spectrum germicidal properties. It may shock you to know that it was used as an antibiotic by doctors before the development of modern antibiotics according to Zoltan Roma M.D.

There are hundreds of anecdotal reports about the effectiveness of colloidal silver for a very long list of infectious diseases. Colloidal silver developed a rather bad reputation due to the infamous “blue man” who developed a condition called argyria from taking his own homemade colloidal silver.

Who was the "blue man"?

Argyria is a condition where excess silver is deposited in the skin and tissues causing a greyish, bluish discoloration and skin damage. His name was Paul Karason, and his skin gradually became blue after consuming colloidal silver made by himself with distilled water, salt, and silver. Paul Karason's case was leaped upon by the media to condemn colloidal silver and frightened the public away from it in general. What the media doesn't tell you is that the likelihood of developing argyria from colloidal silver is nonexistent if taken properly.

The “blue man” drank homemade colloidal silver which is dangerous if you add salt or do not use distilled water. The “blue man” used salt. In another famous Argyria case, a politician named Stan Jones did not use distilled water. If you add salt or do not use distilled water, instead of colloidal silver you will be making 100% silver chloride. Without the colloidal component, (the silver particles), once in the bloodstream the silver chloride will be exposed to chemicals that induce the silver to plate out on other silver particles present. Since there are no silver particles present, it circulates in the blood until exposed to light in the skin which reduces them to silver atoms. Once these silver atoms are produced in the skin, the rest of the silver chloride will start attaching to these particles like magnets with the result that they grow very fast and get stuck in the skin. This is how you get the bluish hue which is really just the silver stuck below the skin's surface.

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Another fact that is not as widely remembered as the color of his skin is that Paul Karason made a silver paste which he applied directly to his skin, thinking that it would cure him of several health ailments. This poor guy unknowingly inflicted himself with silver particles that lodged in his skin below the surface and then applied silver to his face on top of that which absorbed and made the silver atoms even bigger below the surface. This resulted in that infamous blue hue. In reality, he did not get Argyria from colloidal silver but from silver chloride which is very different. He died on September 23rd, 2013 after suffering a heart attack and stroke.

If colloidal silver is made correctly, then the silver chloride will plate out onto the silver particles in the bloodstream, making them too big to get stuck in the skin. They get flushed by the kidneys after giving you the health benefits.

What are the 10 health benefits of Colloidal silver?

1. Colloidal silver is anti-bacterial.
2. Colloidal silver is helpful for wound care and skin health.
3. Colloidal silver is helpful for infections like conjunctivitis (pink eye) and ear infections.
4. Colloidal silver is anti-viral.
5. Colloidal silver is anti-inflammatory.
6. Colloidal silver is helpful for sinusitis.
7. Colloidal silver is helpful for colds and flus.
8. Colloidal silver is helpful in treating pneumonia.
9. Colloidal silver is helpful in treating periodontis.
10. Colloidal silver may prevent tooth decay.

Colloidal silver is taken by many on a preventative and supplementary basis to ward off illness, infection, and bacteria. I have personally experienced many benefits from taking colloidal silver, and my skin has remained the same color as the day I was born. The colloidal silver I take is Sovereign Silver. This company's colloidal silver has been tested by scientific labs to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy. If taken properly as an immune booster when compromised, colloidal silver can provide many health benefits.

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Nice article with very good information. I would like to add a bit more information: First of all, colloidal silver is not so much an immune stimulant as it is an immune enhancer. i.e. it does not stimulate our natural immune system but it does function like the immune system because it is such a powerful and effective pathogen destroyer. Secondly, I don't think that all of the silver Karason made was converted to silver chloride, though certainly much of it did. The solution he wrongly made with tap water, added salt to and drank by the quart for months and months on end did indeed turn him blue, but it also apparently worked and he credited it with saving him from three different conditions. What few people report is that Karason got a complete physical from Mt. Sinai Hospital at the request of one of the many TV shows he was paraded around on and he was given a clean bill of health, though indeed he did turn blue. Lastly, most products including Sovereign Silver is actually mostly ionic silver although they refer to their products as colloidal silver. Your choice of silver should work just find for most conditions, but it actually is not considered to be one of the better quality colloidal/ionic silver solution. It does, however, have the best sales effort - which is why it is the most commonly seen colloidal/ionic silver in retail outlets. Only a couple of companies make true colloidal silver, which is superior to all ionic silver solutions. My best, Tony Isaacs - natural health author, researcher and advocate