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Helpful Sunscreen Tips Like Don't Waste Money on Sunscreens Claiming SPF Over 50


Lets face it shopping for sunscreen is often a confusing activity. Let's look at some common sunscreen mistakes that people make so we can make the best choice for our family this summer.


These are the Dos and Don'ts to remember this summer when it comes to sunscreens.

DON'T waste money on sunscreens claiming that SPF over 50. According to the FDA there is no evidence to suggest that these are any more beneficial in providing you added protection, in fact some studies suggest these higher level SPF sunscreens can make people too confident and lead them to not reapply as often as suggested.

DO Choose a broad spectrum protection sunscreen. You want protection against UVA and UVB rays.

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DON'T Put sunscreen on an infant without consulting your pediatrician first. When your childs Doctor gives the go ahead be sure to apply a small amount first to check for any reaction.

DO Remind husbands, fathers , sons, grandfathers to apply sunscreen. According to research done by the Environment Working Group 78% of women wear sunscreen but only 34% of men do. Remind them that protecting their skin is just as important for men as well.

DON'T Only use spray sunscreens. The environment working group suggests that lotion sunscreen is better for your face.

DO Use other forms of sun protection. Wear a hat , shorts, shirt and if you spend time at the beach consider using a beach umbrella. If you are sensitive to the sun consider using an umbrella while outside to keep the sun off you.

DO Avoid sunscreen with the Vitamin A additive. Many companies add Vitamin A also known as retinyl Palmitate to their sunscreen. This is supposed to help combat the signs of aging but studies have found that is also triggers the growth of tumors and lesions on your skin when used in sunlight. FYI you should also avoid cosmetics and body lotions with this ingredient.
Enjoy the summer sunshine and be safe.



Lately I have stopped using them. I feel much better. Instead, I balance how much time I spend under the sun and inside the water. After a day or two you really don't feel any need for a sunscreen. Especially if you have done a good balance during the first day. Just don't be under the sun on the beach between the 11:30 and 5PM.