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Help Put Snoring To Rest With These Simple Tips

Snoring Man

Most of us know first hand that a snoring partner can disrupt the other person from a good nights sleep. We have all heard stories of one partner taking the sofa or even the spare bedroom in an attempt to get more sleep. According to Daniel P. Slaughter, MD and Otalaryngolgist snoring can even cause marriage problems.


75% of those who snore have a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This condition causes an individual to stop breathing during sleep. Its so serious that it can lead to the development of heart disease.

What Can You Do To Stop Snoring

Try these natural solutions and lifestyle changes to help you have a quieter nights sleep and bring your partner back to the bed tonight too.

1. Change your sleep position - This one is so simple. Instead of sleeping on your back, try sleeping on your side. If you are prone to rolling back over try taping tennis balls to the back of your pyjamas to help stop. Or simply use a body pillow.

2. Change Pillow - Did you know that your pillow and bedroom can causing snoring? Dust mites can cause allergens and those can cause snoring. Be sure to wash your bedding often and throw your pillow in the dryer frequently on the air fluff cycle. Also its very important to make it a habit to change your pillow every six months.

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3. Stay Hydrated - It sounds simple but many of us still don't drink nearly enough in a day. Did you know that secretions in your nose become stickier if you are dehydrated and that causes you to snore more. The solution is simple drink more. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day.

4. Lose Weight - Its no secret that if you are overweight you snore more but why is that? Extra weight around the neck can squeeze the internal diameter of the throat causing it to collapse while sleeping. Even modest amounts of weight loss will help lessen your snoring. Aim for short goals to keep motivated.

What If These Treatments Don't Work

If you have tried the above mentioned tips and you don't see any improvement it may be time to see your medical doctor to arrange a sleep study and possible treatment for sleep apnea. Sleep is so important to ones health because if you are chronically sleep deprived it can cause a whole host of health problems.

Wishing you a restful sleep tonight. You can also take this simple test for a deviated septum and control your snoring.

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