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Fidget Spinners: Will They Help My Child Concentrate?

Child holding a fidget spinner

Does your child have trouble concentrating? Then some doctors say fidget spinners may be just what he/she needs, especially in ADHD cases.


Fidget spinners are sweeping across the nation at an alarming rate. You can buy them at just about any retail location; that is if you can get one. Most places have been selling out quickly as these little devices have become all the rage; but just what are fidget spinners and what do they do?

Fidget Spinners are tiny hand held devices that spin around in your hands. They were originally designed to help kids with ADHD , Autism and other disorders to occupy their hands as a means to improve concentration and focus. Children and even adults are using them to fidget.

They come in a variety of colors. From neon to metallic to camoflauge. You can even find ones that have LED lights. With all the options its no wonder these little things appeal to kids and adults alike. They cost anywhere from $2 to $20 depending on how fancy you want to go.

Will Fidget Spinners Help My Child Concentrate?
It depends on how you look at it. Many children enjoy them as a toy. They are fun to spin. They are visuallly appealing have neat features like lights and patterns. Other kids are using them as a therapy device so that when they arent able to concentrate they can use their spinner to bring back the focus that they are lacking.

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Schools are seeing varied results. Some have even banned them because of the amount of distraction it has brought onto the school yard and in the classroom. Some are allowing them for therapy devices.

What Do The Experts Say?

According to Dr Helene Sheena, there is evidence to suggest allowing kids to fidget will benefit their ability to focus as long as you look at it for its intended purpose and not as a toy.

On the other hand a study done by the University of California where researchers looked at groups of children and used physical movement such as bouncing a ball as a way to improve concentration and had success. Could movement and more activity be even more beneficial? You may also want to see another story eMaxHealth reported few days ago about the possible dangers of fidget spinners near your child.

Some Final Thoughts
Be it for fun or as an add-on to your child's therapy fidget spinners are quite the little gadget. My thought is that they will help your child if used in a therapeutic setting. If used as a toy I would suggest that small children use them under the supervision of an adult (due to small parts) In either case enjoy your Fidget spinner. Also don't miss these 6 smartphone tips for people with ADHD.



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