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Concerta: Will It help Your Child? One Moms Perspective

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Being a parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD people often ask me if medication works? Could it help their child?


My thoughts are that when all other options have failed and your ADHD child absolutely can't function in everyday social situations then medication should be considered. I remember the day we tried a stimulant medication with my son. He had a school assembly in a church. This would typically be a hard situation for him. Having to remain seated, keep quiet and not disrupt others was something that he had a very hard time doing.

We chose not to mention this to his teachers. We wanted to see if they would notice a difference in him and his behavior and they did.

The teachers reported that something was certainly different about him. He remained seated the whole time and seemed genuinely interested in what was being discussed. He was quiet and content to sit through the entire program.

When we finally realized things were changing Concerta was going to help and it was absolutely life changing.

When we explained that we had given him his Concerta they were stunned. The difference was like night and day. It was like he had returned to his "normal" self. Oh how i had missed these moments. It was like a light bulb had been switched on and it was so very exciting.

Then there was the school piece. He started being able to remain seated at his desk he literally could sit and pay attention for hours. He was able to get his school work done and we started seeing his true potential. His grades started to improve and he was so proud of himself. It was an amazing transformation.

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It didn't stop there. His ability to make and maintain friendships changed in a big way. He suddenly had a small circle of friends who enjoyed his company. His self esteem soared. For the first time i saw the sparkle back in his eye and it felt great.

Why You Should Give an ADHD Medication a Try

My answer to parents is this: Try the ADHD medication because at some point you have nothing to lose and quite possibly so much to gain. You do not have to commit to it long term. Decide within yourself that you will agree to a one month trial. Keep a journal so you can see each day for what it is. If after a month you haven't seen the results you had hoped for you can stop the medication and decide to either try something different or that medication just isn't for your child. For reference also see this review about Concerta from WebMD.

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Medication for ADHD is certainly trial and error. It can take many trials of different medications before you find the one that works best for your child. Luckily for us it was that very first medication, Concerta that worked best.

Lastly never give up trying to find help and support for your child. Children deserve the very best always. After, all it truly does take a village.

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